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Rewind and Repeat: Brad and Max Meet Tyler the Racist/Homophobic Parrot, Happy Endings “Meat the Parrots” 

Photo Credit: ABC

I laughed so hard when Brad and Max came into Alex’s store and freaked out when that bird flew at them. How did the parrot get in there in the first place? Alex has way too much time on her hands. No one ever seems to be in her store so she buys the pet online (more about that later) so she won’t be so lonely during the day. And while she’s spending time not running a successful business, Alex has time to spy some suspicious activity going on across the street at Hop Sing’s. She calls Brad and Max and as they’re complaining about her calling them Tyler makes his presence known. There was screaming and it was awesome.

I have to admit I wasn’t that excited about Elisha Cuthbert being on this show when it first started. I haven’t really loved her in anything, but I’ve got to admit I’m kind of loving her now. The writers are giving her some great material and I’m really enjoying her storylines. But back to that bird. Turns out Alex thought she bought him from a stoner online going by a ryan 420. Brad points out that a ryan is Aryan and 420 is Hitler’s birthday. And he knows it’s Hilter’s birthday because it’s his birthday too. It’s also Carmen Electra’s birthday – doy. Then Alex has to hold them both back as Tyler says some things that no black or gay man would appreciate.

Later when they’re staking out the restaurant, they see some suspicious activity and go to investigate what they think is an illegal sex ring. Both Max and Alex give themselves away as they’re ordering and scare the waitress. Next thing we know there’s a massive amount of food on the table. Brad is practically comatose from stuffing himself, Alex can’t stop chowing down, and Max is bouncing with joy when they see the guy they spied earlier. Of course it all turns out to be very above board – the guy is teaching ESL to a group of Chinese immigrants, all who happen to be women. But good does come out of this. Since their space is so cramped Alex invites them to meet at her store on Sundays. The store is closed and she’ll have company as she does inventory. And it seems to be helping Tyler’s racism. Kinda of. Ok, no not at all.

Best exchange:

“I told you. Something is going down.” “Just like on The Wire.” “We should go undercover.” “Just like on The Wire.” “Is there any way to get you to stop saying that?” “Yeah, well saying just like on Blue Bloods just doesn’t have the same pop.” “True dat.”

I might have to go back and watch Brad and Max’s introduction to that bird. It makes me laugh every time.

Happy Endings airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

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