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Elias is Arrested and Other Surprises, Person of Interest “Flesh and Blood” 

Photo Credit: John P. Filo/CBS

Now that was a great episode. It’s been a pleasure to see Enrico Colantoni play such a bad guy, especially since I know and love him from Veronica Mars. We got to spend some time with him as a kid and as a young man to see exactly how he evolved into this criminal mastermind. While Elias gets his strength from being alone – something John can relate to – not even the threat to Carter’s son can break her. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it many times: I really admire Carter. Not only does she always know the right thing to do, but she actually does it. Maybe some would see her alliance with Reese and Finch as illegal – which I guess it tehcnically is – but she has a strong moral compass that she lets guide her. And even when things look bad, she refuses to hand the heads of the five families over to Elias. And she finally lets herself trust Fusco, which is so big.

Photo Credit: John P. Filo/CBS

I didn’t think Elias had the balls to go after the families of HR. But he’s a man who looks at all angles and has a lot of cards to play. Even with HR no longer backing his play, Elias still has friends. After he’s been arrested and as he’s being walked to his jail cell he demonstrates his power one last time to his father and half-brother. And he managed to take out most of the Dons so even though he’s not free he mostly got what he wanted anyway.

Photo Credit: Eric Liebowitz/Warner Bros.

I can’t be the only one who loved seeing Reese come to Carter’s rescue again – both in the alleyway when the cops disappeared and when he went to retrieve her son. I get that she doesn’t like his methods. I get that she doesn’t really know how much she can trust Reese or Finch. But when she really needed them, they were there for her. So I hope this means our little motely crew of crime fighters is back together for good, or at least a little while. And the fact that Finch was willing to shoot someone to help Reese was pretty touching. It just demonstrates to me how much both Reese and Carter mean to him. Now if they could only be completely honest with each other…

Guest Star Goodness

I’m going to keep this short and only mention the guest star I was most excited to see: Paul Schulze. Many of you may recognize him from The Sporanos, but I know him from Nurse Jackie (season 4 debuts this weekend). Here he plays the legitimate son of Moretti. He may be dumb, but he’s the rightful heir to his father’s “business.” Or he was until Elias killed both him and his father.

My favorite line exchange:

“I don’t know, Finch. We could let the trash take out the trash.” “I know they encouraged a certain moral flexibility when you worked at the C.I.A. Mr. Reese, but I like to think we’re reaching for a higher standard.”

Person of Interest airs Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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