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Scandal “Blown Away”: The Shooter is [SPOILER] 

Photo Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

[Warning: Major spoilers for Scandal‘s winter finale]

In the final scene of Scandal‘s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” a red-hooded Huck was in the hotel room where the shots that took down the president were fired. But we knew or at least hoped we knew he wasn’t the one to actually do the deed, right? In Shondaland, it’s never wise to assume anything. It’s much better to avoid making any judgments until the next episode.

So, having said that, were you guys blown away by the big reveal in “Blown Away?” I can’t say I was completely shocked that it was Huck’s girlfriend, “Becky.” I knew something was up with her. The whole AA-romance thing was mighty suspicious even though I really wanted this to be on the up and up. Unfortunately for Huck, that’s not how it was going to be.

Instead, “Becky” was the one to shoot the president and kill the press secretary. She set up Huck for the whole thing. Although she also fell in love with him and gave him a chance to run away with her. I’m going to call it that she actually did have feelings for him because she made sure to hit Huck where it hurt the most after she found out he was going to betray her.

She killed his family. Well, not really his family, but the one he’d been watching and envying. He had taken “Becky” there on one of their dates. She viciously shot them all — even the kids. And Huck’s reaction was heartbreaking. This woman had come into his life, set him up and then destroyed him. He said he was trained to catch liars but he let his guard down big time. I can’t see him ever letting it down again.

If I’m shocked by anything it’s how good at her job “Becky” was. She sneaked up on Huck in the car with a gun. She could have killed him right then and there. She was listening in on his conversations, she completely fooled him — what a cold b–ch. Do you think they’ll be able to find her? I just don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Now who do you think hired “Becky?” Hollis? He gave the acting POTUS the goods to blackmail Verna out of her Supreme Court Justice seat. Although, that move backfired. I could totally see Hollis being the one to put the hit out on Fitz. The man has a severe sense of entitlement. He’s responsible for the explosion that blew up Quinn/Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend. He definitely has what it takes to order a president’s assassination. I don’t know how that guy sleeps at night. And you know he does. Comfortably.

While I did like when Huck told Olivia she has no right to tell him who to love, I like the fact that he chose to turn against “Becky” in the end even more. Unfortunately, Verna turned him into President Langston in order to save her seat on the bench. These people will sacrifice anyone to keep from relinquishing any power won’t they?

I have to say that this episode featured even more morally bankrupt acts than usual. A woman killed an entire family. The President of the United States tried to blackmail one of the Supreme Court Justices into resigning despite the fact she has terminal cancer. In fact, Verna was in the hospital at the time. Verna then gave up Huck to save her job. Cyrus manipulated a way to give James a baby so his hubby would stop investigating the election rigging scandal (it didn’t work). Olivia was in meetings where the man in the red hoodie was being discussed and kept quiet even though she knew who the mystery man was (don’t worry, I’m glad she did that). There was also that weird Abby/David love scene. Not sure what to make of that. And an innocent Huck was escorted out of Olivia Pope & Associates — under the Patriot Act, which means he’s being labeled a domestic terrorist. All this happened in Scandal‘s winter finale. Thankfully, new episodes return January 10, 2013. I’m so worried about Huck.

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