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Guest Star Goodness

Deja View: Life Unexpected’s Emma Caulfield 

Let me start off with an admission: I’m not fully up-to-date on Life Unexpected. But I don’t have to be to discuss the lovely and wonderful Emma Caulfield In the episode I watched last night “Parents Unemployed,” we meet a somewhat uptight and extremely disapproving Emma Bradshaw. Baz’s father sets up an interview for Baz and Emma and he makes a very bad first impression. I mean, he should know not to have very personal phone conversations in very public places. But Baz manages to convince Emma to take a chance on him and he eventually gets the job. I’m very interested to see their future interactions; I like their dynamic.

If Emma Caulfield looks a little familiar (and she should if we’re not gonna fight), you probably remember her from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (available from Buy it now. Really. I’ll wait). I mean, how could you forget her hilariously cantankerous Anya? She comes to Sunnydale as a vengeance demon and is forced to stay after her necklace is destroyed. She falls in love with Xander but he breaks her heart when he leaves her at the altar. Although they don’t technically reconcile, Anya and Xander are together just before she’s killed in the battle against the First Evil. Oh, and her number one fear? Bunnies.

She will be a series regular on TeenNick’s Gigantic and has been a regular on Beverly Hills 90210. And she’s had a lot of one episode guest spots on everything from Private Practice, Monk, and Nash Bridges.

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