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Moment of Goodness

Safe Haven: Syfy Renews Haven 

Photo Credit: Syfy

Every now and again, Syfy will launch a new series with a reasonable amount of fanfare and then sort of back way off of it and you’re not sure if it’s a budget thing or a ratings thing or some nebulous behind-the-scenes drama and then your show just goes away — the reruns air less frequently or not at all, and then the finale comes and goes. I still grieve the cancellation of Invisible Man after two seasons, and I was reasonably disappointed by the axing of Painkiller Jane after one season.
In more recent years, the Syfy M-O has been to launch a show, finish its run, and then make you wait and wait on a renewal. The Caprica folks are going through this right now. I’m very happy to report that as of today, Haven fans are not. The show has been renewed by Syfy for a 13-episode second season set to debut next summer. This is awesome news for the excellent cast, led by Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, and Eric Balfour (way to get to a second season on a show—go call Eddie McClintock!!), the Canadian actor farm that populates all the ancillary roles, and the picturesque Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the series is shot.

It’s also awesome news for the fans who have appreciated the show’s subtle nuances and fairly overarching theme of kindness amidst the weird (which I touched in my first review and end-of-summer recap at our predecessor, The Summer TV Blog). This is a quiet, thoughtful, creepy, wonderful show and I am so glad we get to see the town of Haven again after the first season finale tomorrow tonight at 10 pm EDT. There is no marathon of episodes tomorrow, but you can catch up with the last few episodes at and Syfy Rewind. Also—the finale airs twice tomorrow, and then that’s it

Thank you, Syfy (and E1, Canwest, and Universal Networks International (UNI), who very smartly co-commissioned the second season—more networks should do this)!

P.S. Rose, Bryant, and Balfour were in Cannes this week for a press junket and Balfour Tweeted a picture of them that was taken yesterday. Judging by the smiles, I’m guessing they already knew.

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