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Guest Star Goodness

Supernatural “Dog Dean Afternoon” 

Dog Dean Afternoon
Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

A man suffering from cancer goes to great lengths to “cure” himself. His treatment comes in the form of eating animal organs and innards. Because in the shaman world, this means he temporarily takes on the powers of whatever animal he eats.


In order to get to the bottom of this investigation, Dean downs a potion and becomes Dr. Dolittle in order to question a witness. Said witness is named The Colonel. And he’s a dog. Don’t you love when Sam and Dean go that extra mile in order to solve a case?


“Dog Dean Afternoon” isn’t my favorite funny episode but it did provide some laugh out loud moments and I just adored seeing Dean interact with these different animals, bond with The Colonel and exhibit some dog tendencies.


There was some Seke (Sam and Zeke) action as Chef Leo the villain slit Sam’s neck and Zeke was forced to surface in order to heal Sam’s body. Me thinks Sam has to know something is going on at this point. He tells Dean the bad guy asked him what he was. I mean, his throat was cut and then it was all better. I had hopes that Dean would come clean but he didn’t. So, once again, we have Dean lying and Sam getting knocked out. Boo.

My favorite moments from “Dog Dean Afternoon”:

-Dean and The Colonel barking after the mailman. I wonder how easy or challenging this was for Jensen to play. He did a good job getting into the spirit of this episode.

-Sam rubbing the Yorkie’s belly. That was a part of the deal. The Yorkie wanted the “big one” to rub his belly and then he’d talk. He wanted Sam to adopt him. Jared’s expressions in this scene were so great.

-Dean and The Colonel scenes were pretty awesome even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the voice. But I really liked that Dean gained an empathy for dogs — he wouldn’t let The Colonel stay in the car with the windows open and he freed the animals from the shelter. Plus he didn’t complain about a dog being in the Impala. Loved how they both stuck their heads out the window.

Random Thoughts

-I’m not sure why they showed all those funny bits from episodes past in the previously segment, but I’m sure glad they did. It was so damn good to see that giant, talking, suicidal bear again. And Dean’s rant from “Yellow Fever” continues to be epic. As does his scared scream from the same episode.

-That taxidermy guy’s place is not a place I’d want to go. Ever.

-Sam and Dean’s aliases were Agents Michaels and Deville — that’s Bret and C.C. from the rock band Poison.

-Ew to the eating the cat scene. So gross. Same goes for that concoction that Dean had to drink.

-Loved that the mice had children’s voices.

-Sam and Dean unwittingly playing fetch was funny.

-I’m okay with the dog wanting to change the station when it was playing Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is.” I can’t even believe Sam and Dean were listening to that song. But going off on Styx and Dennis DeYoung? UNACCEPTABLE.

-I don’t know what to make of the Dean and The Colonel scene when they’re scoping out the female French poodle. That is a French Poodle, right? I’m bad with dogs.

-Dean antagonized Chef Leo like only he can. That way he’d delay eating Sam and go after him. Smart thinking, Dean.

-What’s the real reason dogs exist? Come on, writers! Fess up! How convenient Dean’s mind meld with animals wore off right when he was about to be let in on the secret of (a dog’s) life.

-I don’t know. I think they could have taken The Colonel with them. The Winchesters have a home base now. Kevin can take care of him when Sam and Dean are away from the Men of Letters bunker. It could have worked.

Guest Star Goodness

Steve Valentine played the cowboy hat-wearing animal entrails eater. Valentine was a series regular on NBC’s Crossing Jordan, a show that went of the air in 2007. He also played a shrink on an episode of NCIS and was in the 100th episode of USA Network’s Psych, the one that paid homage to the movie, Clue.

-The voice of the yorkie was Leslie Jordan — he’s done so much over his career but I think I know him best from his guest starring stint as Beverley Leslie on Will and Grace. He definitely has a distinctive voice. Other credits include: Hearts Afire, Boston Public and Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

-That was Jessica Harmon who played the S.N.A.R.T. co-founder — she was one of the sunglass-wearing douchebags at the vegan bakery. Although…it turned out she was sprayed in the eyes with venom so she had no other choice. Anyway, thanks to one of Jared’s tweets, I found out she was in a previous Supernatural. She was one of the psychic kids — Lily — in season two’s “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1.” Lily’s power was she could kill with her touch. She accidentally caused the death of her girlfriend. And then she was murdered — she was last spotted hanging from the Cold Oak water tower.

What They Said: Favorite Quotes

Episode: “Dog Dean Afternoon”
Writers: Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder

Dean: “Always knew I’d find the source of all evil at a vegan bakery.” Sam: “What’s that smell?” Dean: “Patchouli, yeah, mixed with depression from meat deprivation. Hey, you know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people. And douchebags.”

The Colonel: “You call this classic rock? Next thing you know, they’ll be playing Styx. And Dennis DeYoung? A punk.” Dean: “Dennis DeYoung’s not a punk. He’s Mr. Roboto, bitch!”

Sam: “I think you might be a dog.” Dean: “What?” Sam: “You’re scratching your head. You’re barking at the mailman. You’re playing fetch.” Dean: (whimpers) “Ruh roh.”

Dean: “How long am I gonna have the urge to…” The Colonel: “Sniff butts? Dean: “Oh, whoa. Hey. I don’t have the urge to sniff butts.” The Colonel: “Yet.” Sam: “Do you really have the…” Dean: “No! Come on!”


The Colonel: “Where are we headed?” Dean: “To the shelter.” The Colonel: “To sniff out more clues? Maybe dig up something we missed?” Dean: “All right. One more doggy pun out of you and I’m gonna have your nuts clipped.” The Colonel: “I hate to break it to you, Hoss. My sack’s emptier than Santa’s after Christmas.”


Dean: “Hey, dick move, pigeon.” Pigeon: “Screw you, asshat.”


Pigeon: “That’s right, Sally. Go cry to mama.” Dean (pulls gun out): “Oh that’s it, you son of a bitch.”


Dean: “You think that because the windows are open, that that’s some sort of treat? Huh? No. The dog’s coming in.” The Colonel: “Respect.”


Dean (to Sam): “I’m being extorted by a dog. (to the Yorkie) “What do you want? Bacon strips? Snausages?”


Yorkie: “I want a belly rub.” Dean: “All right.” Yorkie: “Not from you, sweetie. From that big one. Over there. Hi!”


The Colonel (after Dean lets the animals go): “I didn’t peg you for a softie.”


Sam: “Whoa. Oxycodone, Tramadol, Methadone.” Dean: “Oh, Guess he likes to cook comfortably numb.”


Chef Leo (to Sam): “Ahh, screw the sharktopus. You’re my main course.”


Chef Leo: “Wolf trumps dog.” Dean: “Maybe, but not a whole pack.” (whistles for shelter dogs)


Dean (to Sam): “Don’t make me lick your damn face.”


The Colonel: “Back off, tofu breath.”


The Colonel: “I’m gonna be pooping wheatgrass with these two.”


Dean: “Wish we could take you on the road with us but it’s no life for a dog.” The Colonel: “Don’t sweat it. I get carsick anyway. I was afraid to tell you earlier but I barfed in your backseat.”

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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  1. Denise Miller

    I really liked the episode. True the animal voices. didnt’ match up, but i enjoyed the laugh!

  2. Ann

    This episode was ok for me but I wanted to add a person to the guest star goodness. I was great to see David Milchard there as the other sunglass wearing member of S.N.A.R.T. He was on “It’s A Terrible Life” from season 4. He’s also in the Youtube series, “Convos With My 2-yr Old” which is hilarious if you haven’t seen it.

    1. Tina Charles

      Thanks for the heads up. I had no idea. And thanks for reading.

  3. CassIe Estrella-Roca

    The Colonel’s voice reminded me of a voice (of a ventriliquist doll) from Buffy Season 1. Not sure of the episode but it was when the Doll was hunting a demon during rehearsals of the school talent show.

    Anyway glad I checked out this website, always love reading your recaps!

  4. Jennifer

    So glad to see you Tina (as it were)! I was worried you stopped writing about SPN. Are you done with the TV Guide recap? I thought the episode was great, but agree the voices for the dogs were kind of weird with the exception of Leslie. I recognized his voice right away. Hilarious guy! I can watch the Dean fetching scene over and over. That had me rolling!

    1. Tina Charles

      So glad you made it over here! I have not stopped writing about Supernatural. I’m still doing recaps. I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing them anymore for But so happy you found me here. Hope you’ll continue to join us here at TV Goodness in the future. Glad you liked the episode. 🙂

  5. Susy

    I thought this was one of the funniest episodes ever and I enjoyed it immensely. I also let out a small scream when the talking bear made an appearance in the montage. This was the first funny episode of the year and they did well.

    1. Tina Charles

      It wasn’t my favorite funny episode but I did laugh out loud a few times so that has to be good, right? Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  6. Seraphina

    One quote I found surprisingly hilarious (It was rather hard to hear too, so if other people didn’t catch it, I wouldn’t be surprised) was the bit where the mice are shushing each other, and the last mouse goes, “I’m as quiet as a mouse!” And chuckles before it switches scenes.

    I won’t deny that I’m a total sucker for puns, terrible or otherwise.

    For example, those intestines in the episode? Possum-ably the grossest thing I saw in that episode.

    But seriously. “Dog Dean Afternoon” wasn’t my favorite humor episode either, but I did enjoy it. Thank your for your reviews; I just recently found them and I plan to keep following you in the future!

    1. Tina Charles

      Oh wow I think I did miss that mouse line. Boo me. 🙂

      So glad you’re reading and thanks for commenting. There’s a link on the front page to my SPN recaps I used to write @ And now I’m covering the show here at TVGoodness. Welcome!

      And loved the “possumably” pun. Keep them coming. 🙂

  7. Ruth

    Didn’t realize you were no longer writing for TV guide. Decided to do a search after the second week of no recap. I’m not big on tweets but glad I found you again.

    1. Tina Charles

      Hey there! Glad you found me. I don’t know if you saw but my recap for Heaven Can’t wait is up.

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