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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: Southland “The Winds” 

Photo credit: TNT

I haven’t devoted too much time to Lydia and her revolving-door partners but she is one of my favorite characters. Actually, almost all of them have a special place in my heart. I care about these cops a lot. This show makes me realize how much cops do for us and how little we appreciate them, unless we’re in trouble. So much of what they do and see every day affects their personal lives, and not in a good way. These cops care too much, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Regina King’s Lydia and Jenny Gago’s Josie investigate a rape case in “The Winds.” It seems pretty open and shut but there is something that isn’t sitting right with Lydia. The victim’s ID of her attacker is shaky and when the victim lawyers up, they know they’ve got a problem. Not only do Lydia and Josie end up arresting an innocent man, but he’s so terrified he won’t get justice that he’s badly injured trying to escape. In addition, their victim wasn’t really attacked. She was having an affair and needed someone to blame when her husband returned from his business trip three days early.

Photo Credit: TNT

This case wouldn’t be nearly as affecting without the wonderful acting of Lisa Thornhill and Christopher Cousins. At first, Mrs. Wellington is completely believable as a victim. She seems so traumatized and so fragile, Lydia and Josie feel the need to pursue justice swiftly. Christopher Cousins, as her husband is phenomenal. Not only do we feel his pain and guilt – the pain of not being there to protect his wife, the guilt of being away constantly on business – but we want justice for him as well. At first, Mrs. Wellington’s reluctance is explained by her trauma but as the case progresses it becomes clear Lydia and Josie don’t have all the facts. After the Wellingtons hire a lawyer, they discover it was all a lie. Mrs. Wellington is having an affair. She claims she never thought anything would happen with the case. But that isn’t a good enough reason to accuse an innocent man (and no reason is), so Lydia arrests her for filing a false report. Maybe some time behind jail – facing real problems – will make this woman realize what she’s done. Maybe Mrs. Wellington thinks she was driven to it by her cheating husband but that’s still no excuse.

You might be wondering where you’ve seen these actors before. Lisa Thornhill played Celeste Kane on Veronica Mars; she was so much fun to hate. She’s also guested on Bones and Weeds. Christopher Cousins probably has many daytime fans from his time on One Life to Live. In primetime he’s guested on great shows like Supernatural, Breaking Bad, and Terriers.

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