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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: New Characters Add New Life to Desperate Housewives 

Photo Credit: ABC

I bailed out of appointment TV viewing of Desperate Housewives a few years ago, and was especially appalled when they had Mike overly-cruelly dismiss Katherine last season after he reconciled with Susan, but I happened across the show the other night and was pleasantly surprised by a couple of the storylines.

I loved the dynamic between Felicity Huffman and Vanessa Williams, especially the way they could pre-retort each other behind their backs. That was genius. It’s also genius casting of Williams on the heels of Ugly Betty because you just have to assume she’s up to no good. Huffman is still as awesome as ever as Lynette, trying to plead humanity to Williams’ Renee, Lynette’s longtime frenemy, who may or may not have designs on Lynette’s husband, Tom, who’s recently been diagnosed with paternal post-partum (yes really).

The second thing was Brian Austin Green paired with Marcia Cross—two Aaron Spelling alum colliding in a most unlikely pairing. I love that Bree is sort of torn about the hormonal urges her new contractor Keith (played by Green in Ts and jeans and tats in all their glory) brings out in her. Double hee that Mrs.Van LandinghamMcCluskey (Katherine Joosten, whom I am so happy to see) mentions he finally has her heart rate where it should be on her walks. Given the proclivity of sex on the show, I liked that Bree was really trying to table it and found herself caught off guard by her attraction to this random guy who’s putting her house (and maybe her) back together. She was so very Bree in very formally hiring him back and sort of hoping to herself that would be that.

Last note—SWEET that Emily Bergl (Men in Trees and the excellent Taken miniseries) is back on TV, but I hope we see that her dormouse wife to Paul is a ruse and she’s actually something more/darker/better than a gal so desperate (punny!) that she agreed to marry a convict.

This is the show’s seventh season and it may be the swan song. If so, way to put the fat lady on her toes.

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