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Moment of Goodness

Deja View: Cleo King from Mike & Molly 

Cleo King

I don’t know about you but Cleo King’s Nana had me laughing a lot last night. She’s highly inappropriate but I don’t care; that’s how my grandma is too. Watching her make Carl squirm with her embarrassing stories is a delight. And it’s nice to take a break from the constant deluge of fat jokes.

Cleo King shouldn’t be new to you but I’m happy to remind you where you may have seen her recently. I can’t talk about Cleo without mentioning her role in The Hangover. She’s the partner of the cop the guys steal the police cruiser from. I know it’s a movie but I had to mention it, especially since I saw it in the theater three times. And yes, I paid for it all three times. What? It was funny.

Her television work has been both serious and comedic. In the past few years she’s been in everything from Sons of Anarchy to Lost to According to Jim. I remember her most vividly in the dramatic turn she took as Aunt Lou in Deadwood. She more than held her own against the wonderful Gerald McRaney (who you can catch on NBC’s Undercovers). It was so interesting – and by turns devastating – to watch her interact with her employer George Hearst. Watching her fear for her son’s life in his dealings with Mr. Hearst and knowing no good would come out of it (while having to keep her mouth shut about it) made for some tense times in front of the television. Her relationship with Richardson was sweet and I loved that she played her cards close to the chest – literally and figuratively.

The list goes on but I didn’t want to include her whole filmography here. Please feel free to weigh in if you love and remember her from something else. TV loves this woman so the chances are excellent that you do.

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