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Moment of Goodness

The Good Wife’s Moment of Goodness “Nine Hours” 

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“Nine hours” deserves so much more than one moment of goodness – there were a few amazing moments (yes, I teared up) peppered with a lot of great ones. But I want to talk about one moment in particular: when Alicia gets the call from the circuit court judge and she has to tell him why she believes Carter Wright deserves this stay of execution. Her conviction, her belief in the justice system shines through. Of course the moment is about so much more than the innocence or guilt of her client. I think maybe she’s ready to give Peter a second chance – a real chance – at making their marriage work. Or perhaps she’s ready to give Will another chance, even though their moment seems to have passed. But most importantly I think she’s giving herself a chance to live the life she wants to live. And just what is that? I guess we’ll have to wait until 2011 to find out.

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