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Moment of Goodness

Community’s Moment of Goodness: Jeff Gets Blackmailed by a Kid 

Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

In “Celebrity Pharmacology” Annie takes on the task of putting on a play for 50 at risk teenagers. She thinks if she’d seen something like what the group is doing when she was younger, she would never have gotten into drugs. The problem comes when Pierce manipulates Annie and the message gets muddled. But never fear. Chang’s here to save the day…and creep Shirley out. But it’s the whole sexting subplot that results in my moment of goodness. If you know anything about Jeff (and we do), you know he can get himself into a lot of trouble. It takes an enterprising 14 year-old to reinforce why Jeff should stay out of Britta’s romantic life.

Britta is not comfortable flirting via text. Jeff, wanting to bring her into 1997 (nice!), decides to help her out when she leaves her phone behind. Jeff sees a text from Marcus, who he assumes is Britta’s man. Abed is against this whole idea but Jeff thinks nothing can go wrong. Cut to Jeff finding out Marcus is Britta’s nephew. Awkward. And not only is Marcus excited to have such a cool Aunt, he’s not really ready to back down until Jeff throws down his ace. He calls himself Britta’s boyfriend. Marcus backs off quickly but he’ll only keep silent if Jeff pays him off. Smart kid. Even though this should teach Jeff to stop “helping” Britta with her love life, it’ll be fun to see what kind of trouble he gets himself into in the future.

Bonus: Seeing Abed and Tory dressed as bees and Britta and Jeff dressed as cats. Adorable. Strange, but adorable.


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