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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Heather Morris’s Brittany Dances on Glee 

Photo Credit: Fox

This was going to be a Moment of Goodness but I had more to say about last night’s episode then I thought.

I think we all know Heather Morris started on Glee as a background dancer. She didn’t have lines for a while because all she was really there to do was teach all the actor’s their dance steps. But eventually the decision was made to give her lines. At first she was a mean-girl but she soon morphed into the dumb blonde we’ve all come to know and love. I’m not sure who made the decision to dumb her down but they deserve an award.

But back to the dancing. I loved seeing Brittany in the various Britney Spears costumes and “videos.” I’ve heard some people were a little disappointed that they made those scenes more of a tribute than original, but as I didn’t see any of the original videos I was happy.

Brittany S. Pierce? Brilliant.

I also have to mention John Stamos. He deserves his own moment of goodness but I’m lumping him in here. He is a very welcome addition to the show – I mean, we need something to keep Will and Emma apart. Why shouldn’t that come in the fabulous package that is John Stamos? I can’t wait for him to start singing. And I really like that he’s loosening Emma up a bit. She needs it.

p.s. I’m glad they toned Rachel down because she went too far last week. I’ve never disliked Rachel but for the first time I found myself really disapproving of her actions. I don’t care what your rationale is, don’t send someone to a crack den. Seriously. I still think she’s being a little over-the-top with Finn (the Quinn thing? No football?), but I like this Rachel better. And I want to keep liking her.

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