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Chuck “Chuck Versus the Anniversary” 

Photo Credit: NBC

A new badass chick has hit Chuck and she looks a lot like Linda Hamilton. I mean, we knew she had it in her. She is Sarah Connor after all. But man, did Mama Bartowski go to town in the scene that ended the episode. She iced (or frosted) things up big time as she offed Dolph Lundgren. He even pleaded with her telling her he had a family and she didn’t even flinch an ounce before unloading the kill shot. Wow. She is awesomely something. Awesomely bad? Seems like it but only time will tell.

Yes, Chuck is back on NBC. For me it hasn’t been that long of a wait. This summer one of the homework assignments I gave myself was to catch up on three seasons of the spy thrill-omedy (thriller + comedy?). I’m so glad I did because the Season 4 premiere did not let me down at all. Some of the things that did my TV-watching soul good:

  • Linda Hamilton: duh.
  • Morgan trying to get Chuck to sext Sarah. Sarah actually sexting back. This show is in tune with what makes the guys watch. Hence having Sarah get in all kinds of positions in order to take pictures so she can sext Chuck. By the way, no Dave and Maddie Moonlighting thing happening here. I’m going to enjoy the togetherness and I hope it lasts.
  • I really like that Morgan is in on all things Chuck and the spydom. I think that was one of Season 3’s great developments. I’m enjoying the two buddies taking their Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin schtick global in the name of saving the world.
  • The other Guest Stars: Dolph Lundgren. It was cheesy to hear him utter his Rocky IV line “I must break you” but I loved it anyway. And good for Dolph: last month he had The Expendables and this month a short-lived guest-star stint on Chuck. Harry Dean Stanton. The Repo Man’s an actual repo man on Chuck. I’m a big fan of paying respect to classic TV shows and films so it’s great to see Stanton do his thing with the gun and the taking of the car and the complete crankiness. But he did love Chinese food. Olivia Munn. G4’s Attack of the Show co-host hasn’t shown much yet but we do know that she’s playing a character working at the newly rebuilt Buy More which is now a CIA/NSA substation. Speaking of which…
  • It’s great that General Beckman isn’t just a character stuck on a monitor. Well, at least for “Chuck Versus the Anniversary,” she’s large and in charge at the Buy More. I’ve grown to like the character.
  • I’m glad the lying to Sarah and Casey didn’t last long. If it had gone past this episode I would have freaked for sure.
  • And Casey so missed Chuck.
  • I loved Dolph’s character thinking Morgan and Chuck were master spies.
  • Ellie’s pregnant. I think this is a natural development. I just shudder how it’s going to affect Chuck’s spy life though. Is that selfish for me to say?

A couple minor issues: There’s no supporting Buy More gang in the premiere. What happened to Jeffster and Big Mike? Where are they? And also, no Awesome. Boo. I have mad love for Awesome. My biggest issue is with Ellie. I like the character as well as Sarah Lancaster but I don’t like that she forced Chuck to quit spydom. But that happened. And now he’s lying to her all over again because in order to search for his mom, he has to re-join the spy universe. I get they need this built-in conflict but it just seems a rehash. And now Awesome doesn’t know Chuck’s spying again either. Wouldn’t there still be conflict if the show just had Chuck and Ellie be at odds over his spy job while he was still doing said spy job?

Minor issues aside, I think this season premiere is a great way to start off a new season. And here’s to the show getting bigger and bigger ratings.

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