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The Vampire Diaries “A View to a Kill” 

Photo credit: Blake Tyers/The CW
Photo credit: Blake Tyers/The CW

Well, that worked out rather easily. Methinks there’s something to that. We’ll find out soon enough, I’m sure. First up—again, no Liz, Caroline, Tyler, Shane or April. It was a pretty lean, streamlined episode.

We pick up with Stefan shamewalking out of Rebekah’s room only to be busted by a leering Klaus at the door. Klaus wants Rebekah’s dagger so they can take care of Kol and she says no (and hell, no). So, Klaus asks Stefan to do it and he agrees to help, again, because the Elena carrot is dangled.

Helping takes the form of Stefan babysitting Rebekah all day and taking her to a cancelled 80s dance at the school, where he tells her he spent the decade with Lexi, compelling their way through concerts. They actually talk like friends, and she asks him if Lexi was another lover, and he tells her no, which seems to surprise her. In the middle of trying to reenact the hall slide from “The Breakfast Club,” Rebekah holds out the dagger for Stefan and calls him out on his daylong ruse. She tells him she wants to find the cure because she wants to be human again. She wants a family and a home and to be normal. And she’ll do whatever she has to to help them. Matt, who’s been summoned by Stefan to get the dagger, overhears this, but Rebekah makes good on her promise and gives Stefan not only the dagger but also Silas’s headstone.

At the Gilberts, earlier in the day, Elena is doing her own babysitting of Matt and Jeremy when she tells Stefan about her plan to have Jeremy kill Kol. He thinks it’s super risky but he doesn’t tell her no. Then he heads off for his Rebekah duty. Kol comes calling soon enough and Elena sends Matt for the dagger and has Jeremy invite him in and then leave. Then they have a weird cat and mouse game over mixed drinks and reminiscing about New Orleans and witches and whatnot before Kol says he’ll think about her proposal for a truce to keep Jeremy safe..

Bonnie spends the day shanghai’d by Caroline to decorate for the dance until she’s summoned home. Before she can get out of the school, she has her own encounter with Kol where she drops him to his knees and then she goes home to find out her dad has also summoned her mom. [Sidebar: how did he know where she was? And how did her being a vampire not become a discussion when he popped back up in town?] So mom and dad try to tough love intervene on her and Bonnie knocks her mom to her knees before bailing to go help the Gilberts.

Over at the Salvatores, Klaus has been enlisted to babysit (sensing a theme?) Damon and spoon feed him vials of blood and they chitchat about the cure and Elena. The conversation turns to why is Damon more forgivable than Klaus, and Damon tells Klaus that he kills for fun whereas Damon usually kills for some end purpose. Klaus’s veiled question isn’t quite so veiled when Damon kicks it back to him that he’s essentially asking about whether Caroline can get past his murder of Tyler’s mom. Answer: not likely.

Kol calls Klaus and gives him the heads up that Elena and Jeremy are trying to kill him (which he finds out how?), and then he comes storming back into the house. Elena leads him around the house with a crossbow until he grabs Jeremy and threatens to cut off his arms. Elena charges him with a cleaver and frees Jeremy. She pins Kol against the kitchen counter and Jeremy sprays him with the vervain water, giviving Elena  a moment to snatch the white oak dagger. She tosses it to Jeremy and he finishes him. Kol erupts into flames and falls to the floor and unfortunately, Klaus is standing in the open doorway behind them to see all this go down and he’s livid.

He starts railing that he wanted to find the cure to destroy it but now he can destroy them instead. He’s raging and then he suddenly drops and Bonnie comes up behind him on the porch and tells Jeremy to invite him in. Jeremy does and Klaus comes in and then he realizes Bonnie has trapped him and he just starts screaming.

The Gilberts and Bonnie convene back at the Salvatore house to wait for the tattoo building to begin. Damon saunters in and hugs Elena and then Stefan comes in with the Silas stone and it’s out in the open that he’s in cahoots (and bed) with Rebekah and then Jeremy cries out and Superman-styles tears off his shirt as the tattoo starts to spread and Elena can see it. Damon has the last word with “Here we go.” Indeed.

So, the big, “hey now, why….” question of course is why couldn’t Kol compel Elena to get what he needed out of her and the obvious answer is because then the episode would’ve been 20 minutes long. But it still bugged me. Kol had to go. How we got him there was a little bit of a stretch. But I’ll go with it.

Big claps for Rudy coming up with the vervain-in-the-water-supply idea. That was pretty clever. Now if he’d bought stake (heh) in bottled water, he’d have reaped both sides of that. I do hope there’s a discussion between him and Bonnie at some point about her mom being a vampire, but they have a whole host of things to sort through so I’m doubting that will get covered.

I also liked that Stefan called Rebekah out on her fixation with high school dances. Claire Holt was really good in the scene where Stefan tells Rebekah the dance is cancelled and the look on her face was perfectly piqued in a wordless “NOT AGAIN.” At least this time she got to wear the dress and still go.

You can catch this episode online at The next new episode airs Thursday at 8 pm/7c on The CW.

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