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Character Development: The Gravedigger Gets to Sweets 

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Heather Taffet, also known as the Gravedigger, was one sick and twisted monster. Not only is she a serial killer but she managed to make John Francis Daley‘s Lance Sweets doubt himself and his ability as a shrink as she was being transported to the courthouse. And even in death, she’s haunting him. I’m not sure why Sweets felt the need to record their conversation, but replaying it constantly can’t be good for him.

Even though Sweets is a relatively new addition to the team (he started working with them back in Season 3), I’ve come to love him. I do think he looks like he’s still in college but he’s helped the team out both personally and professionally. I also like his relationship with Daisy. She, as we all know, can be annoying but when it’s just the two of them it’s very sweet and sometimes kinda hot. They need to get re-engaged already. They totally belong together.

In “The Bullet in the Brain” we see a new facet of Sweets: doubt. I can’t remember a time when we’ve seen him question himself like this. He really seems to believe everything Taffet said about him – that he’s the wink link in the team, that having him testify at her hearing would guarantee she’d walk. He even asks Booth if that bullet was meant for him. Sweets was standing next to Taffet and she requested Sweets specifically to accompany her to the courthouse for psychological counseling.

When Booth and Ms. Julian show up to get Lance’s thoughts on Taffet’s shooter, Sweets is distracted and has to be prodded multiple times to be helpful.  Ms. Julian can see something’s wrong but I think Booth’s too distracted to notice. And Lance does give them good information – helpful information – for their case. But when he says his A game is really a C game, at best? It’s breaking my heart how much Taffet got to him.

Ms. Julian visits Sweets later. She’s the only one who can see how much Sweets is affected by this because she was really affected too. Usually she’s so stoic that we never really know what she’s thinking or feeling unless she says it. It was only at the beginning of this season we learned just how highly she regarded Cam when she reassembled the team to help Cam out of a jam. When Ms. Julian admits how scared she was, it gets to Sweets and puts him back on his A (as in amazing) game. Even Booth notices the difference.

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