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Relationship Recap: Dr. Dani and TK, Necessary Roughness “Losing Your Swing” 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/USA Network

One of the most fascinating elements of this first season of USA Network’s Necessary Roughness has to be the doctor-patient relationship between Dani and TK. In “Whose Team Are You On,” this relationship took a major hit. And then in this week’s episode, “Losing Your Swing,” there was a severing of said relationship.

Even as the hypnotherapist tackles a different case every week, her constants have been TK, the Hawks and everything that goes with it. TK was hella resistant to therapy at first. But over the course of this first season, the boundaries between the doctor and her patient crumbled only to have Dr. Dani quickly snap those boundaries back into place. What’s transpired between the two:

  • TK drops in unannounced like when he happened to show up during Ray J’s birthday. The b-day boy didn’t mind of course and neither did his friends. Mom did mind.
  • Even before he crashed the party, an underage Ray J used TK to get him into one of the hottest clubs. The football superstar tried to be the adult and say no, but ultimately, he caved. What happened? Ray J’s car got stolen.
  • And how did TK deal with Ray J’s stolen car? He bought him a new one so Dr. Dani could remain blissfully unaware.
  • Let’s not forget about the woman who claimed TK fathered her child. He wanted to be that kid’s dad and it didn’t happen. Dani helped him deal with this tough situation.
  • However, once Dr. Dani found out about how much an influence he was on her son’s life, she had to lay down the law. They’re not friends. They are therapist and client. No gray areas can exist between them because clearly some unhealthy things happen when the lines of their relationship get fuzzy.
  • Now TK has hired himself a new therapist/life coach. Not exactly sure what ultimate effect he’ll have on such an impressionable young guy like TK (can’t imagine it would be a good one). The wide receiver’s in a vulnerable place rigiht now. Let’s hope things don’t get too much worse for the guy.
Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert/USA Network

Here’s the thing. TK and the doctor are currently on different pages. It started out as a professional doctor/patient kind of thing. As much as Dani claims that’s the relationship the two need to maintain, they seemed to be moving past that and into something more substantial. TK’s not used to someone caring about him and wanting to save him from himself. It’s understandable why he started to see her as a friend. He needs someone like that in his life. Unfortunately, his habits are self-destructive and he continually makes bad choices. And those bad choices and self-destructive habits are affecting Dr. Dani’s family life.

As for Dani, she’s in this weird place in her life where everything has turned unpredictable. She’s separated from her husband; her career is taking off; she’s back in the dating game and has a rule against seeing the one guy that she’s really sparked with as of late. She doesn’t need anymore drama. And TK represents some much unneeded drama. But, man, the scenes between Callie Thorne and Mehcad Brooks are just so well done. So bring on the drama so we can get more of these two in scenes together. As Season 1 winds down, let’s hope Dani and TK can work things out and are able to draw some healthy boundaries. And if they happen to become friends too, well, maybe, that’s just what they both need.

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