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Relationship Recap: Naomi and Max, 90210 “Nerdy Little Secrets” 

Photo Credit: Scott Humbert/The CW

Even though Naomi’s extremely spoiled, selfish, entitled and annoying, I still somehow like the character. However, I’m not usually too invested in her storylines. 90210 has finally managed to make me care about one of her relationships — and that’s the one she has going on with the oh so nerdy Max. I never thought I’d buy into them but I did. They’re really cute, actually. Even though they seem so completely mismatched, they find a way to work. She’s the beautiful and only sometimes misunderstood girl, who values style over substance. When I say style, I mean her clothes, her car, her hair, her jewelry and her shoes. He’s the resident nerd who’s completely confident with who he is and that is so refreshing. Recently, the two began a clandestine relationship. What I enjoyed in “Nerdy Little Secrets” is that even though Naomi’s immaturity almost ruined things for Max and his academic decathlon buds, there was no break-up. Her jealousy over her boyfriend and the lone girl on the geek squad, Alex, could have very easily destroyed the couple. But, Max is smarter than that. He kind of liked Naomi’s jealous streak. Thankfully, they both came to the conclusion they no longer want to keep their relationship under wraps. While Naomi’s crazy antics caused Max and his team to lose the Academic Invitational, thereby costing them the three-peat, the beauty and the geek were out and proud as a couple. I loved the shot of Naomi and Max walking down the school halls while she wore his geology rocks t-shirt as a dress. Only Naomi.

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