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Relationship Recap: Chuck & Sarah, “Chuck Versus The Balcony” 

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC

In “Chuck Versus the Balcony,” Chuck was all about asking Sarah to marry him. He and his sidekick Morgan created this elaborate plan to do it at a fancy shmancy restaurant, but once he heard her horror story of the way Sarah’s parents’ similar proposal went terribly awry, he needed a plan B. Plan B became a beautiful chateau in the Loire Valley of France, while on a mission of course. Chuck’s perfect proposal would take place on the perfect balcony, under the perfect moon. Morgan and Casey helped things along and Sarah was in on it too. She wanted to ensure nothing went wrong, after all, the big moment had to be perfect for Chuck (“…and for her.” Love that she said that). Everything seemed like it was progressing smoothly. A nervous Chuck was actually saying all the right things; and Sarah wasn’t doing too bad herself. He took the ring out and said:

Chuck: “I want to spend the rest of my life with you; going on missions; saving the day; being heroes. But mostly, though, I just want to be with you by your side always. Sarah, will you…”

Ruh Roh. That’s when the CIA swooped in and arrested a “traitorous” Sarah. Thing is, the hand-off General Beckman ordered Sarah to do herself, was just a set-up to turn her into a double agent, so she could infiltrate Volkoff Industries to take them down from the inside.

Poor Chuck. First, he loses his mom to Volkoff. Now he’s forced to watch his almost fiancée go deep, deep, deep under cover. We knew a proposal between the two wasn’t going to be easy, right? I wonder how long the show will make us wait before an engagement happens for real. And how long is Sarah going to be on this dangerous mission? I love these two as a couple, and although I’m completely cool with this latest obstacle, I hope this separation doesn’t last too long.

Before things went wrong, everything just seemed so right, didn’t it? Not just Chuck and Sarah, but Morgan and Casey working together to help their friends out too. It was a series of really cute moments that, unfortunately, didn’t have the happy ending I’m sure so many fans wanted. I guess, we’ll just have to be perfectly patient because a Chuck and Sarah engagement will happen…hopefully.

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