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Gossip Girl “Belles de Jour” 

Photo credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW

What I love about this show is also what I ultimately dislike about it. I’ve always been an intermittent GG watcher. I get all excited for the premiere because I love teen angst; it’s probably my favorite genre. I love high school shows but when they “graduate” there is often a problem. The problem started they headed off to college (and other things) but I keep coming back.

Let’s look at what I’m hating right now:

  • Dan’s naïveté. I don’t care what kind of documentation Georgina has. I don’t for one second think Milo is Dan’s kid. I like that Rufus got so defensive and combative on Dan’s behalf. They have many, many reasons not to trust Georgina. And she just happens to be carrying the birth certificate around in her bag? That’s a little too convenient.
  • Nate’s storyline. I’m not even sure where to start. I don’t believe he’d ever crack open Chuck’s black book, no matter how badly he was hurting. I feel like this show never knows what to do with Nate. He’s always involved in some storyline that I either don’t believe or just doesn’t make sense. I do like the way his relationship with Serena began – this year, not the way it began in the first season – and I thought it had somewhere to go. I guess the problem I really have is that all these relationships burn so bright they burn themselves out. And quickly. And although I loved me some Katie Cassidy on Melrose Place (although not so much on Supernatural), I’m already dubious of her storyline. Is she just a social climber trying to get in good with Manhattan’s elite? I’m willing to give it one maybe two more episodes before I make my final decision. The only thing I like about her character so far is her hair. It’s a much nicer shade of blonde than it’s been in the past.

Things I might be getting tired of:

  •  Blair and Serena’s petty fights. Aren’t they supposed to be best friends? Just because Blair feels Serena has stolen a prince from her clutches doesn’t mean she has any business pushing her best friend into a fountain. Is she 10? I am somewhat willing to give her a pass because she’s still in mourning over Chuck. But she treated Louis pretty badly so she doesn’t deserve him. It’s clear she’s not ready to date so I think some quality time alone is just what un médecin ordered.

What I always tend to enjoy:

  • Blair and Chuck. Their relationship always fascinates me. Whether they’re together and scheming or apart and forlorn, they are always a couple I root for. I particularly liked that we didn’t see Chuck until the final few minutes of last night’s show. It might have been fun to see him actually lose his memory, but Chuck not’s as much fun without all his baggage. I like that he’s acting out of the ordinary and that he actually has regrets. It makes him that much more tortured and worthy of Blair. He’s got more repenting to do but he’s on the road back.

What I love right now:

  • I don’t know what their budgets are, but I’m so happy GG decided to film on location in Paris. It just feels authentic. And I haven’t lived in New York for a while but watching this show makes we want to rediscover it…well, parts of it.
  • The fashion. Sometimes I don’t understand what they’re wearing but I feel like its very fashion forward and interesting. I’m never board with the clothes.
  • Lily and Rufus. After some issues last year I’m happy to see these two back on solid ground. I also love Eleanor and I’m sorry we didn’t see her hubby in this episode. They are so cute together.
  • Vanessa. Although I don’t necessarily love everything the show has put her through I feel like she’s a very good friend at the end of the day who has Dan’s back, and he desperately needs that. I’m sorry that their romance fizzled last year because I think it had some potential. I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t together again soon.

So even though it might not be entirely clear here, I am fan of the show. At least for right now. When and if that changes I will certainly let you know.

What did you think? Did enjoy this time spent in Paris? Did you see next week’s preview? I’ll be there.

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