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We Need to Know: Why is Diane Lockhart Starting Her Own Firm? 

Photo Credit: CBS

With all the turmoil that the firm’s been going through lately – financial troubles, layoffs, losing high-profile clients, and bringing on a new partner – I  don’t know why Diane would choose now to start her own firm. Yes, she’s undervalued. Yes, it seems clear Will and Derek have been hiding something from her. But is now really a good time to strike out on her own? I’m really conflicted about this. Does this make for great drama? Yes, but I feel like there’s enough of that going on without bringing this new storyline to the forefront. I’m almost always in praise of every single thing that happens on The Good Wife but I’m not a fan of this. I am, however, a huge fan of Christine Baranski and I guess I can’t be too upset that she’s getting more facetime. I can hope Diane decides to stay at the firm. Maybe she’ll find a way to make Will and Derek respect her or respect her more (because I think they do). She’s got it in her. That’s a story I’m interested in seeing.

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