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2011’s Most Memorable Episodes: Suits “Dog Fight” 

Photo Credit: USA Network

Suits was my favorite new show of the summer. Not only did it hook me in from the pilot, but it seemed to get better and more involving with every week. I was already a fan of Gabriel Macht and Gina Torres, but Patrick J. Adams was new to me. It would’ve been easy to pick any of this season’s great episodes as the most memorable, but there were a few things that happened in “Dog Fight” that made it a keeper on my DVR.

Photo Credit: USA Network

Harvey rights a past wrong by any means necessary.

How can you not be a fan of Gabriel Macht‘s Harvey Specter? (Tina profiled him here as a 2011 TV Goodness All-Star.) I love that he goes all Mississippi Burning in this episode. But more than that I love that a) he and Donna get back on track after he apologizes and b) he does everything he can – both in and out of the courtroom – to clear his client’s name. He even gets shiner for his trouble.

Mike tries to come clean to Trevor about Jenny.

Patrick J. Adams has to be doing something right. I love that he got a Golden Globe nod for this work on the show.

We all knew that phone would get Mike in trouble. He was trying to do the right thing by Trevor, I guess. I personally think he should’ve come clean immediately but where’s the drama in that? So when Trevor finds out about him and Jenny from Rachel’s voicemail? Not good. Do you think he told Jessica Mike’s little secret? I hope not but we won’t know anything until next summer.

Both Donna and Jessica put Louis in his place.

I love Rick Hoffman‘s Louis Litt. Whether you love him or love to hate him, you’ve got to admit he was kind of genius in this episode.

Louis is always looking for his angle. When Donna approaches him to ask for a favor for Harvey, she almost convinces him to bite by dangling not only her services but also two American Ballet Theatre tickets. When Louis actually mans up and says no, she tells him Jessica wants to see him. I love Donna even more now knowing she played him like that.

When Gina Torres‘ Jessica tells Louis to do the favor for Harvey, Louis again sees an opportunity. He demands to be put on senior partner track. Does he even know Jessica? The look she gives him when he tries to threaten her is priceless. And just when it looks like he’s about to argue, he wisely changes him mind. Please don’t ever change Louis. I like you just the way you are – a grasping, occasionally clever, devious man.

Other random highlights:

  • The always great Chi McBride guests as new DA Terence Wolf. He more than proves himself as a worthy foe for Harvey. I hope to see him again on the show next season.
  • Mike really shouldn’t be flirting with Rachel because of Jenny, but I’ll allow it. My favorite exchange of theirs in this episode is about movies. I love that Rachel won’t watch Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, or Citizen Kane because they’re old but, of course, she can quote from Dirty Dancing. I’ll allow that too.
  • We learn Donna has some feelings for Harvey. Who wouldn’t? He’s awesome. The reason she’s never made a move? Because you can never go back.

Some great quotes:

“When you’re running the firm of Litt, Nothing, and Nobody then you can make whatever call you’d like. Until then you can just get back to work.”

“We work because I’ve always knows I can trust you. Don’t ever go behind my back again.” “You’re welcome.”

“Listen to me. I want you goddamn it. And I will throw that secretary right out the window if I knew you were gonna be my secretary. But I have a reputation that I value. And I’m not gonna be putting my reputation on the line for something I do not believe in-”

“Oh that phony bitch.”

“Louis, I do not respond to threats. I make them.”

“I don’t give a damn what other people think of me. I care about what I think of me.”

“I’m Donna. I know.”

“You make a good criminal.” “Better than you.”

Suits returns in Summer 2012.

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