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America’s Next Top Model “Diane von Furstenberg” 

Photo credit: Photo: Mathieu Young/The CW

Last week I was impressed that this cycle’s winner will appear in Italian Vogue. This week I’m more than impressed that Diane von Furstenberg is a judge. Are you kidding me? Even I know that she’s a living legend in the fashion world, and I don’t claim to know that much about fashion. As I left my notes at home (curses!), I think I’ll keep it short and sweet this week.

Anamaria. Oh, Anamaria. How do I dislike you? Let me count the ways.

  1. She’s rude. How many times did she have to tell us she didn’t care what the others think of her?
  2. She’s not cute. Every time she opened her mouth she became more unattractive. Sometimes I don’t get why Tyra and company like the look of someone and I really didn’t get it here.
  3. She’s anorexic. I’m so happy Tyra said something to her about her body. It wasn’t like Anamaria listened (even though she was nodding her head) to anything anybody had to say to her – good or bad. [This should be the number one reason but, shockingly, the other two things bothered me more.]

And what about the runway challenge? First of all, when was this challenge and how come I didn’t know about it? I work right across the street from Hollywood & Highland and I would have gone over to see it. Now, back to the show. If any of the girls had a fear of heights, they had to overcome it quickly. I can’t imagine walking on a see-through runway four stories up, even with a harness. There are things I just won’t do for fashion. And I’m not even afraid of heights. Jay and Ms. J were most impressed with Sara; she was fierce. Even though Kacey couldn’t see anything without her glasses I think she did a good job too. Those audience shots really heightened the tension. I was kinda scared for them.

Who had the best photos this week? Giant Ann, the Amazon and Queer Kayla, the Free. I am so happy Tyra had a challenge like this. All the girls had to choose a hurtful word they were called when they were younger. Tyra turned it around and had them come up with a beautiful alternative to that word. They then had both words written on their bodies for their photos. Quite a few of the photos were beautiful and I really liked how the photographer worked with each girl to get the best photo possible. Who was bad this week? I’d say the worst offenders were Kacey (she did NOTHING with her face), Terra (who broke down), and Chris (who didn’t give us much). And as an added bonus the girls met Demi Lovato during the shoot. She’s doing what she can to put an end to bullying. If you want to learn more, go here:

I didn’t devote nearly enough time to the fascinating and fabulous Diane von Furstenberg. If you want to learn more, here’s her bio. Click here for her WSJ profile.

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