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Thintervention with Jackie Warner “Uphill Battle” 

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

We’ve made it to week 2 but not everyone is going to survive this week’s challenges. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic and I think we get enough drama on the show already. Kim has to drop out because the one thing she’s been hoping and praying doesn’t happen to her, happens to her during their extreme workout: lymphedema.

And it’s sad to see Kim go because she’s got the right attitude for this program. She’s a motivated and supportive partner to Bryan and she wants to lose the weight. But her health is the most important thing. I hope we see her at the final weigh in and I hope she reaches her goals.

Bryan really steps it up this week. He’s feeling really motivated and he’s already seeing a change in his pear-shaped body. His shirts are fitting better but he’s tired of chicken and fish all the time. When he and Kim win the challenge, Jackie rewards him with a visit to her house and a meal prepared by her personal chef. Then the personal questions start coming. I like that he answers so honesty. But the big bombshell gets dropped in group therapy. He was abused as a child and his mother did nothing to stop it. He has a lot of blame issues and knows he’s turned to abuse inward. Jackie wants to help break him of that habit.

Mandy has an amazing support system at home. Her husband and her boys are so proud of her for doing so well and they’re vocal about it. I think Mandy has the best chance of keeping the weight off after this competition is done. And I liked that she called Gina bossy. It made me laugh although what Gina really wants is to lose control and get laid.

While Mandy is losing weight for the right reasons, Gina is losing weight for very superficial reasons. I’m not knocking it. Her need to look good in a bikini will keep her motivated. And that will lead her to being more sexually adventurous, which she seems to want very badly. I think her self-confidence is in the toilet because her ex-husband was such a name caller. I hope she comes to realize that she needs to lose this weight for herself. If she feels good about herself, she’ll look good to the world.

I’m shocked to say I don’t hate Joe as much as I did last week. He really stepped up and was a good partner for Nikki. But before they were paired up he called her an orca and a female Chris Farley, which is completely unacceptable. Why is he always attacking people? I hope we find that out in group therapy and soon.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Nikki is a total alcoholic. She has to throw up during the group workout because she’s either still drunk or hung over. At first I thought her pairing with Joe would lead to disaster because it’s clear they don’t get along. But I really do think it was good for both of them. Joe was holding her hand during the extreme challenge, for God’s sake. Who thought we’d ever see that? And to hear about how Nikki was abandoned at age 11 does make me understand her a little more. Her brother didn’t take care of her and she often felt alone and hungry. No wonder she’s such a mess. I would be too.

Shay is spoiled, something Kim readily admits to doing. But the problem with that is since Shay’s never had to work for anything she is the first to give up. Although she’s the youngest she’s extremely out of shape and I’m just not seeing a real commitment to get healthy yet. I don’t know if her partnership with Stacy will do her any good. They seem to encourage each other to quit early and often.

Stacy is a bit of a whiner. She, at least, is embarrassed to be so out of shape. She has some sort of asthma attack during the group workout and only improves slightly during the extreme challenge. She and Shay seem content to come in dead last every time. I want to see these two get serious and quick.

Everyone except Joe posts a weight loss during this week’s weigh in. Jackie is surprisingly easy on them but warns them she won’t be so nice next week. I can’t wait to see her kick their asses. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be them, but this is some good television.

Best and most inappropriate line: “Vomit happens.”

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