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Summer TV Crush: Grant Show, Burn Notice 

Photo Credit: USA Network

It’s been too long. I mean, I know he’s been on a few shows recently – Big Love, Private Practice – but I don’t watch them so this is my first opportunity to see him work in quite some time. I’ve already seen the Season 5 premiere and I’m happy to report we get a very healthy dose of him. I can’t wait to see more and I do mean that both figuratively and literally.

In case Grant Show is new to you (and if he is, we need to talk), you might recognize him from the shows above or Accidentally On Purpose, Grey’s Anatomy, or Swingtown. I know and remember him from the original (and vastly superior) Melrose Place. I have to be honest and say the first thing I noticed about him were his looks. I mean, you’ve seen him right? But I became an even bigger fan when I saw the show and realized he had some talent. I’ve kind of kept tabs on him since then and I’m always happy when I hear he’s got any sort of regular gig. Since I’ve been a fan of Burn Notice since it premiered, I was happy to hear I’d be seeing him. What’s he’s doing on the show? Let’s discuss.

Michael’s still burned but he’s working with Grant Show‘s Max, a CIA operative and his new handler. I don’t want to give too much away but I will say this relationship could turn into a very interesting bromance. I know not everyone loves that term but I do so I’m using it here. I think Michael has quite a few things to teach Max (and the CIA, for that matter) about how to get things done. Michael’s been making his system work for years and he can’t just go back to the way the CIA does things. Why? Because that would be boring and tedious for us. Michael gets results and now so will the CIA. Too bad Sam and Fiona feel like they’re being left out in the cold. We know that’ll change soon enough.

So will Max fit into this team or will Fiona and Sam band together to make him and the CIA scarce? I say Michael can do better but he’s got an overwhelming need to know who burned him and why so I know he won’t be able to let that go. And I don’t want him to. I’m in for the ride. Let’s see what he discovers.

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