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We Need to Know: What Happened Between Booth and Brennan in Bed on Bones? 

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Progress is progress. I (like you) have been waiting six years for these two to realize they belong together. The problem has always seemed to be timing (which is technically true for every will they/won’t they couple on television). We know they’re right for each other, they know they’re right for each other. So when last week’s episode showed them falling into bed together you can imagine my delight. I actually don’t mind that we don’t know what went on with them. I feel like they’re finally taking a step in the right direction so I’m happy. Plus this makes me feel like we’re gonna see some good stuff in the finale. I can wait, but not too much longer.

The build-up has been epic and I think I’ve been relatively patient. I understand that showrunners are hesitant to put their leads together after years and years (and years) of teasing us. But it’s time. I think Booth and Brennan are in the right place (or close to it) to make this thing between them really work. I do wonder what exactly happened in that bed though. I’m human! And curious. I guess only Angela knows right now. Damn Hodgins and his horrible timing! Ok, I take that back. I love him and he was only doing his job. I can’t stay mad at him. But what does it mean if Booth and Brennan had sex? What does it mean if they didn’t? Let’s discuss.

What if they did?  On this particular subject Booth in totally the girl in this relationship. And that’s not a bad thing. Yes, he’s had purely physical relationships in the past but from what we’ve seen (with both Rebecca and Cam) he’s had serious relationship with those partners first before returning for something a little more fun the second time around. I wonder if Booth’s ever had a one night stand. I’m not sure it’s relevant but I wonder. Even when Booth thought he and Brennan would hook up right after they met, he was still emotionally investing. He confessed that he had a gambling problem right before he and Bones were going to get in the cab together. Booth takes sex seriously and I have no problem with that.

Bones, on the other hand, can appreciate sex on a totally physical level with no emotional attachment. And she knows she’s good in bed. In the time we’ve known her I can remember at least one relationship that was only about a physical connection. In fact, she was dating someone else at the same time who was fulfilling her emotional needs. Those guys weren’t too happy when they found out about each other. And, of course, Bones didn’t realize she’d been doing something wrong until after the fact.

What makes this different – at least for Bones – is that they’re both emotionally invested. They love each other. Having sex means something and it means something significant with these two. Sex will never be casual between them. Part of me hopes they did it because I want them to be a couple so much. I’m shipping them so hard I’m about to hurt myself.

What if they didn’t? I won’t lie. I’ll be disappointed. But part of me would be glad that they waited. I think the only other time I’ve seen Brennan this vulnerable is when she told Booth she loved him. In a situation like this where they are both emotionally compromised, I just feel like sex would be a bandaid to make them feel better. But they’re so much more to each other than a temporary fix. I want them to make this commitment – and having sex would be that – when they both have clear heads and are thinking straight. It’s easy to try and explain away a good thing when you think you’ve made a decision for the wrong reasons. It’s easy for mixed up feelings to get even more jumbled when you throw sex into the equation.

So I guess I’m saying they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I want them together but it’s gotta be under better circumstances. I guess I’m willing to wait just a little bit longer. But just a little.

What do you think? Did they or didn’t they? And why?

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