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Supernatural “Thin Lizzie” 

Supernatural Season 11 is rolling along quite nicely, don’t you guys think? I enjoyed “Thin Lizzie” way more than I thought I would. It had the feel of a classic episode but it was so much more. I think it turned out to be exactly what I’ve always wanted for…

Supernatural Preview: “Baby” 

There’s something about the CW’s Supernatural. Over the years, the show’s fans have developed emotional connections to pretty much everything on the show including its characters, their relationships, the music, props like John Winchester’s journal and a certain car.

Supernatural Preview: “Form and Void” 

Sam’s infected, Dean’s connected to the Darkness, Crowley’s got his groove back and a rabid Cas has a ways to go to get anywhere within the vicinity of his groove. Last week’s premiere of the CW’s Supernatural was a solid start to Season 11. Jensen and Jared have been talking about feeling shades…