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Moment of Goodness

A Sam and Dean Moment of Goodness from Supernatural “Brother’s Keeper” 

A Sam and Dean Moment of Goodness from Supernatural “Brother’s Keeper”
Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW
Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW
Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Ten years. Ten finales. Such a huge deal. I’m proud of this show.

OK, that’s enough reflection and sentiment. Let’s get to what went down in “Brother’s Keeper.”

Dean no longer has the Mark. But the consequences of using the spell from the Book of the Damned are going to fuel season 11. See Sam? It wasn’t a guess. Now it’s a friggin’ reality. Mess with the Book, you’re gonna get messed with a million times over and a million times bigger and stronger and more devastating. (Well, I am guessing at the bigger, stronger, more devastating part, but I think it’s a good guess.)

Even scarier than not knowing exactly how this Darkness is going to manifest next season, is not knowing if Death is really dead. Because if he is, then the whole reaping world is going to be a hot mess. Is there going to be a fight for the top à la Crowley vs. Abaddon over Hell last season? Or does the whole reaping thing come to a halt for the time being? I guess once a Horseman is dead, that’s it? They don’t get replaced? I know nothing about this particular occupation. Is there a number two in that world? Tess is no longer an option. She could have stepped in. A Female Horseman — that’s something I can get behind. Or should I say, Horsewoman?

Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW
Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

And if Death isn’t really a goner (as we know, almost everyone in this universe pops up in some fashion or form), then Dean’s going to have a problem. A big one. Make that a massive one. Because the Horseman is tired of being screwed over by the Winchesters. And this was a big F U to him. Sorry, Dean. And, for the record, I’m not a fan of offing Death. I LOVE him.

And now the Winchesters didn’t just kickstart one Apocalypse. They’ve unleashed another on the world. We just don’t know what it is yet. How guilty are both brothers going to feel next season? Is the fact that they’ll be facing whatever together going to be enough of a comfort? Because something tells me there are going to be lots of lives lost. And when other hunters and anybody else curious need to blame someone for this potential catastrophe, there’s only one answer and it involves two gorgeous brothers (plus an Angel, a King of Hell, and a witch, but mostly the Winchesters). Me thinks there are going to be some awkward moments in season 11.

The Winchesters will also have to contend with a more powerful than ever Rowena. So let’s tally things up. She not only has her freedom, she has the Codex AND the Book of the Damned? Is that right? Rowena played a big part of this season. Seems like she’ll play an equally major part of next season as well. The woman is weaponized and ready to cause some destruction.

Rowena did a real number on Cas. Will he kill Crowley? I’m hoping not. For those who didn’t hear, Jensen at a recent convention teased how we were losing a fan favorite in the finale. I assumed it was going to be Crowley (played by the incredible Mark Sheppard) but it seems to be Death (played by the equally incredible Julian Richings). I’m going to play the assume game one more time and deduce that the King of Hell will be around in season 11. I guess we’ll all find out at Comic-Con, right? Because Crowley can’t miss the fun of The Darkness.

A rundown of the bigger moments/things from “Brother’s Keeper”

The classic rock recap kicked off with the “Fan Fiction” version of “Carry on Wayward Son.” I did good though. No tears this time. And then it gives way to the OG version of the song. Kansas just sounds good on this show. Like I say every year, it’s the unofficial theme song to Supernatural and it should begin every single Supernatural finale. As far as I’m concerned it can begin every single episode.

Sam can’t be swayed. The youngest Winchester is laser focused on saving his brother. And he’s not going to hear anything that doesn’t have to do with that goal. Cas tries to remind him about the consequences of using the BotD. But he’s not having it. Sam’s temper flares. They’re going to do things his way. I like his conviction. I’m not as partial to his unwillingness to think about the consequences, however.

Dean’s out of control and working a case. First of all, I can’t believe he worked a case. I figured he did it because it’s the easiest way to gank someone and take the edge off. However, that cop he was talking to wasn’t too pleased with his depressing world view. Dean couldn’t contain his bitterness and his jaded ways. He didn’t want to. And, ultimately, Dean got a hunter killed. Poor Rudy was pretty pathetic but he didn’t deserve to die. Meanwhile, what I could have done without is all the “whore” talk. There have to be other ways of showing Dean’s edginess and his anger/darkness than that. (Just like there must have been other ways to send him off the reservation other than killing Charlie — nope, I won’t let that go)

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Cas enlists Crowley’s help. We don’t get a lot of scenes where it’s just Mark and Misha so I enjoyed this, even if Crowley had a little fun at Cas’ expense. Thankfully Cas didn’t have to beg too hard to get Crowley to secure the ingredients needed for the spell that would save Dean. Plus, the shallow part of me enjoyed all the close ups utilized in these scenes.

I never thought this show could really ever make Dean look like crap. But they kinda sorta did it in “Brother’s Keeper.” Finally we get to see the effects take its toll. Would have liked more of that much earlier. The over drinking couldn’t cure what ails him, though. That’s why he has to turn to Death.

Dean’s Goodbye to Sam: Baby’s Keys + a note that simply says ‘She’s all yours.’ Crushing.

Dean + Death + Mexican Food that Dean made himself = awesomeness; Dean wanting Death to kill him, not so much. I get it. He’s tired. He doesn’t want anyone to perish or get hurt because of him. Death might be a holiday in the Supernatural universe but it’s not the true answer. Death doesn’t think so either because the Mark has to go somewhere. If Dean’s not sporting it, someone has to. And Dean knows he doesn’t want this to happen. Death can send him to a far away place (not outer space) but he wants something first. And it seems to be Sam’s life. Death has it out for Sam. Plus, he knows that Sam will continue to do whatever he can to free his brother, Dean. And no one can take that chance.

Moment of Goodness: Sam and Dean Confrontation…in front of Death

Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW
Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

There were many good moments in this episode, but only one Moment of Goodness for me.

I’m sorry. But I’m a sucker for quality brother time. Even if said time is spent trading one life in for the greater good and beating each other up. Because in the end, Sam definitively proves he can be the light for this brother. He talked about that in season eight with the trials. But then he mucked things up (for me) when he all of a sudden was ready to die.

The brothers are constant hypocrites when it comes to their relationship. Don’t get me wrong, their connection is one of my favorites on TV. But hearing Dean guilt Sam about his decisions when it comes to Charlie is difficult considering how he got Kevin killed in season 9. And seeing Sam take Dean to task over wanting to remove himself from this world permanently is just as difficult considering he was so angry at Dean for not letting him die after the trials/attempting to close the gates of Hell.

But damn it, these brothers know how to get to me. With Death as a witness, Sam and Dean hash things out verbally…

Dean: I have this thing on my arm. And you’re willing to let the Darkness into the world.

Sam: You were also willing to summon Death to make sure you can never do any more harm. You summoned me because you knew I would do anything to protect you. That’s not evil, Dean. That’s not an evil man. That is a good man. Trying to be heard searching for some other way.

Dean: No, there is no other way, Sam. I’m sorry.

And when that didn’t work, the bros hashed things out physically. Sam got the first punch in. But he certainly didn’t get the last. Just like when Dean pummeled Cas in last week’s “The Prisoner” à la Season 8’s “Goodbye Stranger;” Dean gets some direct hits on Sam à la Season 5’s “Swan Song.” It’s not quite the same, though. Back then, Dean’s face was practically obliterated. In “Brother’s Keeper,” Sam’s face is bloodied, but mostly in tact.

Here’s where I started to tear up. And this entire scene is so mesmerizing because Jensen and Jared just bring it. They lay it all out on the table. I was a little upset last year because Sam didn’t get to say much to a dying Dean in “Do You Believe in Miracles.” This year, it’s a different story.

Sam: You’ll never ever hear me say that you…that you…you…did anything but good. But you’re right. Before you hurt anyone else you have to be stopped at any cost. I understand. (Says to Death) Do it.

And Dean once again shows he holds his brother’s well being higher than anyone else in this universe.

Dean: Close your eyes. Sammy, close your eyes.

Sam: Wait. Take these (family photos) and one day when you find your way back, let these be your guide. They can help you remember what it was to be good. What it was to love.

Death: It’s for family you must proceed, Dean. To be what you are. To become what you’ve become is a stain on their memory. Do it. Or I will.

Dean: Forgive me.

Dean takes the scythe Death handed him and he turns around and stabs the Horseman instead. And then Death just crumbles/disintegrates away. That part gets a big boo from me.

Random Thoughts

-Dean tearing up the hotel room = sexy

-When Death mentions Lucifer, I again start thinking we’re going to see Mark Pellegrino. Wishful thinking? Maybe. Could it be we see him again next season? We don’t know what The Darkness exactly is. Do we?

-Couldn’t they have come up with a less cheesy name than The Darkness?

-How will Crowley react to The Darkness? With joy or annoyance?

-Who has the Mark? Someone had to get it. It lightning’d away from the restaurant.

-The Winchesters will need all the friends they have left to combat this new evil, right? Especially Cas?

-“Brother, I’m done.’ — I almost felt like I was watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries — Damon and Stefan often call each other “brother” all the time. Dean saying it crushed me a little bit.

– Lines that got some laughs: Crowley’s “A hamster told me.” Sam’s “He’s gonna send you to outer space?” And Cas’ “You’re not in my contacts list.”

So the episode and the season ends with The Darkness overcoming Sam and Dean while they’re in Baby. My thoughts are the Baby’s impenetrable (because she’s AWESOME) so I’m sure the brothers are untouched. But it’s not like she’s equipped with a force field. So maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. All in all, it wasn’t too painful a cliffhanger. Not like last year’s Demon Dean reveal (how has it been a year since that happened?)

On one hand, I’ve been asking for this show to set things up where it’s our heroes versus a sufficiently awesome and amazingly badass big bad. I don’t know what this Darkness is so I’m hoping upon hoping that the execution is more Lucifer/Lilith and less Leviathan. On the other hand, I don’t care what anyone says, I liked this Mark of Cain story for Dean. I didn’t always like the execution or the pacing of it all, but I loved that it was something he had to struggle with and that it was something Sam and Cas had to save him from.

So for that alone, season ten will always be a memorable one for me. But I look forward to seeing what the powers that be come up with for season 11.

Supernatural returns with new episodes this fall on Wednesday nights.

Until then, here’s an instant Hiatus Helper from the folks at The Hillywood Show® on (it’s friggin’ awesome, amazing and all around beautifully badass. The cameos from the SPN cast are perfection):

What are your thoughts on the finale?

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  1. MByerly

    As I understand the mythology of this show, Death was there before God. He says he’s older than God. He’s entropy. Unless, they rewrite the mythology of the show and a law of physics, he shouldn’t be dead.

    At the same time, The Darkness was there before God so God and the Archangels had to fight it back and dam it up before creation happened. The Mark is the key to the prison for Darkness.

    God is AWOL and all the archangels with the exception of Lucifer and Michael are dead so two guys are going to stop it? Tossing all the good guys and bad guys together to create Team Existence might be the only way to stop it. The bad guys are just as vulnerable to this as the good guys so they may fuss about teaming with the good guys, but what other choice does any of them have?

    1. Tina Charles

      My head just hurts thinking about it but I always appreciate when the mythology is laid out. Ten years! Team Existence = the best. I hope the show goes with that. I guess it’s time we graduate from Team Free Will? Although Team Free Will will always have a special place in my heart. lol

      I’m anxious to see how they deal with the fallout of Brother’s Keeper. Wonder if you’re being prophetic here.

  2. Teri

    When I watched this finale, I wasn’t so sure about it. I just felt kind of eh, whatever toward it. But after watching it again and reading this, it was good! There were so many good little things that you’ve noted here. You know Dean is serious when he lets go of Baby. Totally agree, crushing. I believe I said “oh crap” when we saw the keys and the note. I just love the whole cast (guest stars and all, RIP Charlie and Death) so much. They all bring it. They’re all so good together and are what make this show so great, even after ten years.

    Could we get Chuck back in season 11? If Chuck is God, and God has already dealt with The Darkness before, he can come back to help Team Existence (love the name BTW) fight it off again. With his cameo in Fan Fiction, I can hope to see him back! 🙂 I’m with you on Lucifer, Tina. He can come back too!

    That Hillywood video is SO great!!

    1. Tina Charles

      I think the end of the finale left me kind of meh just because I don’t really know what it means. What I do enjoy about what they are seeming to be setting up is this Sam/Dean/Cas (maybe Crowley, who knows) against whatever Darkness this is.

      Chuck coming back would rule. It needs to happen. So would Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer somehow someway. In fact, I’d love to see a ton of the guest stars from the past this coming season. We saw Bobby in heaven. There are a million character who are up there that we could conceivably see again. What if Adam ended up escaping as part of this Darkness? I don’t know. There are a ton of possibilities. But it’s all so difficult to know where anything’s going at this point.

      Team Existence rules. Marilyn coming up with that name is awesome.

  3. MByerly

    Okay, I had an evil thought. The Darkness smoke monster needs physical form, and the first humans it encounters are Sam and Dean so maybe they will be the possessed Big Bad of the coming season.

    If I were Team Existence, I would be really, really worried right now.

    1. Tina Charles

      Love that thought as long as it’s both of them possessed/being Big Bads and that we’re over this one having to save the other business. LOL

      1. MByerly

        Amen! I totally agree.

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