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Preview: Billy the Kid, Season 2 Premiere “Road to Hell” 

Preview: Billy the Kid, Season 2 Premiere “Road to Hell”

Starting Sunday, Billy the Kid rides back onto MGM+ for a second season of adventure, violence, romance and a version of the real life gunslinger we’ve never seen before.

Season 2 takes on the war between two powerful men (at least in their own minds). There’s Major Murphy and the House in one corner. Standing directly opposite of him is the Englishman John Tunstall. A war is brewing with land and lives at stake. At the end of the first season, Billy defected from Murphy’s camp and his friend Jesse Evans in favor of Tunstall’s much more acceptable camp. Seems like aligning himself with the Englishman will provide him with more peace of mind than Murphy, whose gang doesn’t hesitate to lay siege and mow down every man, woman and child in their way. 


The thing about this MGM+ series is it blows up the larger-than-life myth of Billy the Kid (Tom Blyth). What we’re seeing unfold is a complicated cowboy that wants to be a dogooder even at the same time he’s becoming known as a legendary killer. We see his insecurities, his empathy and his caution in the way he deals with people. He’s experienced an amazing amount of loss yet he’s making connections all over the place. Some of those connections are positive influences on his life and others — like his frenemy-ship with Jesse Evans (Daniel Webber) — not so much.

Here’s what you need to know about the second season so far…

Series Synopsis: The epic romantic adventure inspired by the life of America’s most infamous outlaw continues in Season Two, as Billy and his allies square off against his oldest friend Jesse Evans and the corrupt powers of the Santa Fe Ring. When shots are fired, the conflict erupts into the bloody Lincoln County War. Amidst the fighting, Billy will struggle to hang onto his soul—and to the love of his life.

Season 2 Premiere Synopsis: The Lincoln County War is on the verge of kicking off in a big way. Billy has joined Englishman John Tunstall (Linus Roache) in his commercial battle with Major Murphy (Vincent Walsh) and the House, but even bigger players lurk in the background and the stakes are high. 

TV Goodness Tease for “Road to Hell”: At the beginning of season two, everybody is talking about Billy. His reputation and his legend is growing and people are taking notice. Problem is they either worship him or are threatened by him. Looks to us that those feeling threatened might try to come up with ways to stop him in his tracks. One of these individuals is an even bigger power player on the scene. Also, Billy gets a visit from someone in his past.  


While Tom Blyth returns as Billy, a new face plays Englishman John Tunstall and it’s someone near and dear to the hearts of HISTORY’s Vikings fans. From here on out, Linus Roache (Vikings’ King Ecbert) plays Tunstall. According to Billy the Kid creator, Michael Hirst (who also created Vikings), the switch-up is because of story. This season, Tunstall will actually create a bit of a parental dynamic with Billy. 

When Hirst talked to, he said, “I knew that meeting Tunstall was going to be a monumental thing for Billy. It was going to change Billy’s life forever.” The decision to recast was made because the original actor was “too young to be the surrogate father.” Hirst is friends with Roache and talks to the British actor frequently so getting him to play Tunstall is an example of perfect casting. “I knew that in the few scenes he had with Billy, they could establish a huge and deep rapport because Linus is a great and understated actor.”


“Let there be bloodshed. We have a war to win.” The trailer (below) teases the war that will rage during the second season of Billy the Kid. 

Billy the Kid premieres Sunday at 9pm ET/PT on MGM+.

Photos Courtesy MGM+

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