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Hallmark and Chill: Christmas in March 

Hallmark and Chill: Christmas in March

With so many people at home in self-isolation, quarantine, and social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, Hallmark Channel stepped up last weekend with a fan-requested three-day marathon of Christmas movies. It resonated on a grand scale and they’re doing it again this weekend, with Hallmark Movies & Mysteries also jumping onboard. You can see the full lineups here and here. We’ve covered a good number of these over the last few years, so I’ve gathered links to 14 individual previews and exclusive interviews for the ones airing now through Sunday night. Take comfort, enjoy, and be well.

Christmas on My Mind

Christmas on My MindFriday, March 27th at 11 pm/10c (HMM)

Andrew Walker did two holiday movies in 2019. I spoke with him in December about both. In this one, he’s a restaurant owner whose world is turned upside down when his former fiance (Ashley Greene) turns up at his door three years after their breakup, believing that they are still engaged.

A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas

A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas Saturday, March 29th at 3 am/2c (HMM)

Benjamin Ayres and Rachael Leigh Cook are paired in a sentimental story about a hotelier and a hotel manager who team up for one last memorable Christmas before he sells the property. I chatted with Ayres about it in November.

Let It Snow

Let It Snow — Saturday, March 28th at 1 pm/NOON c (HC)

This one from 2013 is just a lot of fun and full of familiar faces. Jesse Hutch and Candance Cameron Bure star in a tale of a woman sent to scout a family-owned holiday lodge for potential acquisition only to discover what it means to finally have a family at Christmas.

Two Turtle Doves

Two Turtle Doves Saturday, March 28th at 5 pm/4c (HMM)

Nikki DeLoach stars with Michael Rady in the story of a woman who goes home to her late grandmother’s for the first Christmas since her death and begins a friendship with the widowed next door neighbor and his daughter. Together, they learn to heal from their respective losses. DeLoach and I spoke about the film in November.

Reunited at Christmas

Reunited at Christmas Saturday, March 28th at 11 pm/10c (HC)

Nikki DeLoach and Lisa Durupt play sisters who return to the family homestead for Christmas and find it challenging to be back home with now-divorced parents, looming promotions, and a misguided engagement. I interviwed Durupt for the movie back in 2018.

A Homecoming for the Holidays

A Homecoming for the Holidays Sunday, March 29th at 1 am/midnight (HMM)

Stephen Huszar stars as an army veteran who strikes up a friendship with a budding musician (Laura Osnes) and then loses track of her until he returns home years later and their lives are in very different places.

Double Holiday Final Image Assets

Double HolidaySunday, March 29th at 4:30 am/3:30c (HC)

Carly Pope and Kris Polaha headline a Hannukah-themed romance about competing execs who find common ground when they team up to create the perfect holiday party in the hopes of securing a promotion. I spoke with Polaha about it in December.

Christmas Land

Christmas LandSunday, March 29th at 6 am/5c (HC)

This was Luke Macfarlane and Nikki DeLoach’s first Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. She inherits her grandma’s Christmas town theme park and he’s the lawyer trying to help her figure out whether she can restore it to its former glory. I interviewed Macfarlane about it back in 2015.

Merry and Bright

Merry & BrightSunday, March 29th at 10 am/9c (HC)

This is the second film Andrew Walker did last year, starring with Jodie Sweetin in a story about a last-ditch effort to save a candy cane company. We talked about it when we chatted about Christmas on My Mind.

Time for You to Come Home for Christmas

Time for You to Come Home for ChristmasSunday, March 29th at 3 pm/2c (HMM)

This one pairs our Lucas Bryant and Alison Sweeney in a sequel-in-name-only to Time for You to Come Home for Christmas about a widowed single mom and USO musician who end up paired on a train ride and then keep crossing paths in her hometown. I chatted with Bryant and Sweeney about the film.

The Christmas Club

The Christmas ClubSunday, March 29th at 4 pm/3c (HC)

Cameron Mathison returned to the Christmas movie fold in this super-sweet outing with Hallmark first-timer Elizabeth Mitchell. He’s a commercial real estate consultant and she’s a widowed single mom. They meet cute when a woman loses her Christmas club cash and they step in to help, seeing their act of kindness paid back in unexpected ways. I interviewed Mathison about the movie here,

Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen

Sense, Sensibility & SnowmenSunday, March 29th at 5 pm/4c (HMM)

My Luke Macfarlane chatted with me last November about this modern, Christmas take on Sense & Sensibility, where he stars opposite Erin Krakow as a toy empire heir who begrudgingly hires a party planner for a quick-turn Christmas party in an attempt to save the family business.

Holiday for Heroes

Holiday for HeroesSunday, March 29th at 7 pm/6c (HMM)

In this film, Melissa Clare Egan and Marc Blucas play pen pals who become close through handwritten letters and then finally meet for the first time over Christmas. She’s Audrey, a local café owner in a small military base town and he’s Matt, an Army First Sergeant who’s deployed overseas with her brother. They spend a year writing letters to each other, until his last one gets lost in the mail and he arrives at her café unannounced. I chatted with Egan about it last November.

The Nine Lives of Christmas

The Nine Lives of Christmas Sunday, March 29th at 12 am/11c (HC)

In this 2014 charmer that’s an unlikely pairing of cats and firemen, Brandon Routh stars as confirmed bachelor and fireman, Zach, who takes in a newly orphaned orange tabby, Ambrose, at Christmas, and soon after, strikes up a friendship with veterinary student Marilee (Kimberley Sustad). It’s based on the book of the same name by Sheila Roberts.

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