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Relationship Recap: Survivor’s Remorse “Repercussions” 

Relationship Recap: Survivor’s Remorse “Repercussions”
Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

WARNING: Spoilers for Survivor’s Remorse

On Survivor’s Remorse, Cam, Reg and M-Chuck are going through different journeys but it all has to do with a similar theme: their dads.

Meanwhile, Cassie’s thinking a lot about her past and how different it is to what she’s experiencing in her present.

Her scenes with Chen in “Repercussions” are my Moment of Goodness. Even though it had to do with Cassie and Chen having sex. Even though they were tinged with a little bit of sadness. Even though she’s far from her kids right now. It’s so nice to see Cassie giving into happiness, “bloody gurgles” and all.

Cassie and Chen are about to go at it in Chen’s childhood room. Posters line the walls with the famous women he used to have a crush when he was young. Chen talks about growing up and leaving home at 15 to go to prep school. He says it was a difficult time because as much of an opportunity it was to expand his horizons, it broke his parents’ hearts because he left home.

Cassie looks at the room and she talks about how she never had a room like this when she was a teen. Her kids never had this type of room either. I love how Chen supports her. He tells her her kids have this kind of life now. She instilled in them the perseverance to rise above their pasts and make a better life for themselves.

Chen loves Cassie. Accepts her flaws. And will remind her over and over again of her strengths. And do you know what else he’ll do for his woman? He’ll dance a very adorkable dance. And he’ll tear all the posters from his room down because they made Cassie uncomfortable. That’s love.

As for Cam, M-Chuck and Reggie, there was movement on the father front for all of them, which means a relationship recap is in order.

Photo Credit: Starz

Cam: He meets up with his friend Paul. You remember him. Cam outshined Dirty Paul’s (Na’im Lynn) best man speech at that wedding last season. In this episode, Paul’s back to help his friend with his quest to find the letters Rodney wrote him from prison.

He also gave Cam the hard sell on doing the real estate flipping houses thing in their old neighborhood. I’m going to put a pin on that for now. Because this is all about Cam’s journey. But Paul gave Cam a bit of a full court press. It was a little much considering Cam’s trying to do something serious and work out some of his own issues. But I’ll reserve judgment.

Photo Credit: Starz

With Paul’s help, Cam’s able to talk to the man that lives in the same house he used to live in for two years. We meet the man who’s quite the character. This guy’s played by guest star Neal McDonough a.k.a. Damien Darhk, formerly on Arrow and currently on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. McDonough has also recurred on USA Network’s Suits and appeared in various series like Rogue, Mob City, Justified, Desperate Housewives and the very underrated — and short-lived series — Boomtown.

Anyway, his character (Brian) is kind of obnoxious. Curses a lot. Talks a lot. And shares somewhat of a similar story as Cam in that his dad wrote him from prison, too. His father was connected in a The Departed kind of way (a movie he hates). He’s integral to Cam’s story because he did find the letters Rodney wrote. He knew a day like this would come. That he’d be able to hand the letters over.

Photo Credit: Starz

Cam starts reading the letters. It’s clear Rodney’s sorry for not being able to be there for him. Hopefully reading them will help give him a sense of closure. Will he pay his father another visit?

M-Chuck: M-Chuck and Pookie are driving from Boston to Long Island to see the graves of the two brothers and cousin that were murdered after Cassie was gang raped. There’s a lot of conversation, some singing of Donna Summer’s “Last Dance.” She also tries to give Pookie some gas money for driving her but his pride won’t let him take it.

Photo Credit: Starz

She wants to know more information about how the hit on her mom’s attackers went down. How Julius arranged for it to happen. But Pookie wasn’t doling out the specifics — he was being very vague about how Julius found out who hurt his sister. I really liked what Pookie said about Julius.

Julius knew how to take some things seriously. Some things not serious. When the time came for serious things to be taken seriously with initiative, he wasn’t stupid. He was a good man.

Cassie’s brother died at the end of season three and we’re still learning about him. I love that.

At the gravesite, Mary Charles talks to each of her mom’s rapists individually. She refers to them as Rape Daddy #1, #2 and #3. This could have been an emotional catharsis for her, after all, her words to her so-called fathers are uttered through anger and tears. Although she does get a great line in here:

“You gotta tissue, Pookie? I’m like Viola Davis over here.”

She tells Pookie she thought she’d feel better after having her say. Instead she feels this whole thing is a mindf–k.

“Without the rape, there is no me. Isn’t that a mindf–ck?”

Poor M-Chuck. This visit should have closure written all over it. But all there is is more pain. One thing though: the next episode is actually titled “Closure.” So maybe it will present itself in another way?

Photo Credit: Starz

Reggie: A concussed Reggie is at the ER but he’s doing fine. His dad, Trent, called Missy and let her know where her husband is. When she arrives, Reggie automatically starts tearing into his father for calling Missy. She covers for him. Says the hospital called her since she’s his emergency contact. The thing is: Reggie starts off hella angry with his father. But then his behavior softens a bit.

Photo Credit: Starz

Trent’s hand is messed up. Reggie offers to pay. Trent is hesitant, which is a bit of a red flag. It’s not just about not having insurance. He says he likes to stay out of databases. Also when it comes to painkillers he’s going to abstain because of his five years of sobriety. Reggie says he’ll pay for his hand to get looked at and on top of that, he invites Trent to stay over at his place. It’s the least he could do since Trent helped him out of that tussle.

Reggie is acting all kinder and gentler but, honestly, I’m still a little suspicious of Trent. I want to be wrong, though. I hope I’m wrong.

Survivor’s Remorse airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on Starz.

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