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Face Off “Flights of Fantasy” 

Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/Syfy
Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/Syfy

This week was the perfect opportunity for Miranda, Roy, Tate and Laura to show the judges just how much they want to be in the finale. For the most part, I think they all rose to the occasion. Any challenge where the artists have to incorporate feathers seems like a pretty herculean feat, so I was pretty happy with everyone’s efforts. There were some missteps and a few bad decisions, but this is a talented group of artists. I’m very happy with who made it into the finale.

Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/Syfy
Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/Syfy

There’s only one reason Miranda didn’t advance: poor time management. Actually, there are two reasons. Her design also let her down this week. And that’s absolutely not taking anything away from Roy, who I think is a very talented artist. The head of her bird was gorgeously detailed – as almost all her other sculpts and makeups have been – but what was going on with that feather work? She just didn’t think it through. And she knew she was spending too much time on her head sculpt. And she knew that’s where she got into trouble last week. Like I did with Laney last week, I’m going to blame this on youth and inexperience. I think Miranda is so talented. She’ll have a great career in this business, but the right people made it into the finale.

Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/Syfy
Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/Syfy


I was worried. He had so much gorgeous detail in that breast piece and one little slip of the mold almost did him in. I love that he kept fighting. I love that he showed us how much he wanted to be in the finale. I thought his feather fabrications were really cool and interesting. I think I keep discounting Roy because I’m constantly forgetting what a great fabricator he can be. He makes really cool things in a short amount of time and doesn’t skimp on the details. Although I had a different opinion last week, I think he absolutely proved he should be in the finale this season.

Tate and Laura

I think it’s really down to these two for the win. Tate’s bird of prey was pretty amazing. Like Ve, I thought the colors were muddy but he made a truly stunning piece this week. That sculpt was so cool. And so massive. I loved the feather work as well. Tate just made some really interesting decisions this week and I think he’s going to kick some major ass in the finale. Laura is now and will always be one of my favorite artists. I just think she’s a genius with paint and I like Neville said, she made some really intelligent choices this week. I did think the fun fur on most of the actor’s body was a strange choice, but I still like the overall look of her hybrid. I can’t wait to see how she challenges herself for the finale.

What did you think of the episode? Are the right people going to the finale?

Face Off airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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