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And the Winner is Laura, Face Off “Swan Song” 

Face Off - Season 5

This has been a stellar season from start to finish. I enjoyed getting to know the newbies and reacquainting myself with the veterans. I have seen beautiful, haunting and truly strange makeups and designs and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Going into tonight’s finale, I was favoring either Tate or Laura for the win. I think Roy absolutely deserved to be in the finale, but I was more impressed with Tate and Laura’s work throughout the season. So who found redemption after creating such iconic looks this season and for this finale?

Face Off - Season 5

Laura Wins It All

Is it weird that I felt a huge sense of pride for Laura when she won? I think I would have felt it for any of them though, because they put so much work into these makeups. They’d all been through this process before and come up short (and, unfortunately, Tate and Roy didn’t win the ultimate prize again). They all had challenges either in the design or fabrication phase, so it seems like none of these artists went into the finale feeling 100% confident. And, of course, the performance element had to have them quaking in their boots. No matter how beautiful the makeup, no matter how impressive the appliances if it doesn’t hold up during a performance, you’re screwed.

Face Off - Season 5 Face Off - Season 5

It seemed like the judges were most impressed with Laura’s swan and sorcerer pair. They looked like they belonged together and Laura did a great job of capturing the Renaissance style. I especially loved the detail in her sorcerer’s face and the really cool shoulder pieces on her swan.

Face Off - Season 5 Face Off - Season 5

I have to admit that my favorite swan was created by Tate. The asymmetry was stunning. Tate had a lot of great ideas for the swan, but like the judges said, I wish he’d spent a little more time on his sorcerer.

Face Off - Season 5 Face Off - Season 5

I ended up loving Roy’s concept. He was struggling at the beginning, but his Ming Dynasty sorcerer was so cool and I loved the feather work on his swan.

Do you think Laura deserved to win? What did you think of the other looks? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

All photos courtesy of Nicole Wilder/Syfy. Face Off returns for season six in 2014 on Syfy.

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