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Sherlock “The Empty Hearse” 

Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films for MASTERPIECE
Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films for MASTERPIECE

I love me a good conspiracy theory and the ones we heard in this episode were outrageous and creative. I hope we never find out how Sherlock faked his death. I like a bit of mystery.

We had some great Mycroft/Sherlock development in this episode. Not only did Mycroft go into the field to retrieve his brother from the work Sherlock was doing to dismantle Moriarty’s network, but he’d also been faithfully keeping an eye on John while his brother was “dead.” Mycroft knows John might not welcome Sherlock back with open arms and, in fact, he doesn’t. Sherlock gets a bloody lip and a bloody nose for the trouble he goes through to surprise John with the news of his apparent resurrection.

Since John seems to have no interest in helping Sherlock with his cases, he recruits Molly. Of course, it’s mostly just to show off but Molly definitely has valuable contributions when they visit Greg at a crime scene. We later learn it was a set up (by Anderson), but it was kind of nice to see Sherlock on a case with someone other than John. That being said, John is the right person for Sherlock to work all his cases with.

The case: One of Sherlock’s rats disappears for a bit. With the help of a tube employee, Sherlock discovers that the terror plot is targeting Parliament. They’re about to vote on an anti-terror bill, so it’s the perfect time to make a statement. Sherlock and John discover the abandoned carriage (actually, it’s a car). The carriage is the bomb and nowhere in Sherlock’s mind palace are instructions to dismantle it. So it seems like this is going to be it. When Sherlock asks for forgiveness, of course John’s going to give it to him – and say some very lovely things as well. John thought it was a trick. He should’ve gone with his gut.

They still don’t know who put John in the bonfire and not knowing is driving Sherlock crazy.

Favorite dialogue:

Watson: “Well, I’ve got some news.”
Mrs. Hudson: “Oh God. Is it serious?”
Watson: “What? No, no. I’m not ill. Well, I’m moving on.”
Mrs. Hudson: ” You’re emigrating.”
Watson: “Nope. No, I’ve ah…met someone.”
Mrs. Hudson: “Ah. Lovely.”
Watson: “Yeah. We’re getting married. Well, I’m gonna ask anyway.”
Mrs. Hudson: “So soon after Sherlock?”
Watson: “Well, yes.”
Mrs. Hudson: “What’s his name?”
Watson: “It’s a woman.”
Mrs. Hudson: “A woman?”
Watson: “Yes, of course, it’s a woman.
Mrs. Hudson: “You really have moved on haven’t you?
Watson: “Mrs. Hudson, how many times… Sherlock was not my boyfriend.”
Mrs. Hudson: “Live and let live. That’s my motto.”
Watson: “Listen to me: I am not gay!”

Mrs. Hudson: “I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it. Him. Sitting in his chair again. Is it wonderful Mr. Holmes?”
Mycroft: “I can barely contain myself.”
Sherlock: “Oh, he really can you know.”
Mrs. Hudson: “He’s secretly pleased to see you underneath all that.”
Mycroft: “Sorry. Which of us?”
Mrs. Hudson: “Both of you.”

Sherlock: “I don’t understand.”
Watson: “Well, that’s a first.”

Watson: “We need bomb disposal.”
Sherlock: “There might not be time for that.”
Watson: “Well, think of something.”
Sherlock: “Why do you think I know what to do?”
Watson: “Because you’re Sherlock Holmes. You’re as clever as it gets.”
Sherlock: “Doesn’t mean I know how to defuse a giant bomb. What about you?”
Watson: “I wasn’t in bomb disposal. I’m a bloody doctor.”
Sherlock: “And a soldier as you keep reminding us all.”
Watson: “Can’t we rip the timer off or something?”
Sherlock: “That would set it off.”
Watson: “You see. You know things.”

Watson: “Oh. My God. Why didn’t you call the police? Why do you never call the police?”
Sherlock: “Well it’s no use now.”
Watson: “So you can’t switch the bomb off. You can’t switch the bomb off and you didn’t call the police.”
Sherlock: “Go John. Go now.”
Watson: “There’s no point now, is there? Because there’s not enough time to get away and if we don’t do this other people will die. Mind palace.”
Sherlock: “Hmm?”
Watson: “Use your mind palace.”
Sherlock: “How will that help?”
Watson: “You’ve sorted away every fact under the sun.”
Sherlock: “Oh and you think I’ve got how to diffuse a bomb tucked away in there somewhere?”
Watson: “Yes!”
Sherlock: “Maybe.”

Watson: “When you were dead I went to your grave.”
Sherlock: “I should hope so.”
Watson: “I made a little speech. I actually spoke to you.”
Sherlock: “I know. I was there.”
Watson: “I asked you for one more miracle. I asked you to stop being dead.”
Sherlock: “I heard you.”

Other tidbits:

  • That moustache? Good riddance.
  • I like Mary. She’s smart and she likes Sherlock.
  • I love that Sherlock’s parents are so ordinary and that Sherlock feels like they’re his cross to bear.
  • Molly’s fiance. Really?

Sherlock airs Sundays on PBS.

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