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Plot Twist: [SPOILER] Outed Mike Ross, Suits “Live to Fight” 

Plot Twist: [SPOILER] Outed Mike Ross, Suits “Live to Fight”
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network

WARNING: Major spoilers for the latest Suits (“Live to Fight”)

There are a lot of intense shows out there in the TV realm. But Suits might be the one to give me an ulcer. I just don’t want ANYTHING to happen to these characters I’ve come to know over the last five seasons. Is that so wrong?

Until the season finale, I feel like I’m going to watch every single installment in a clenched and tense position. Because, if all of them are anything like “Live to Fight,” there are going to be twists and turns, damaging revelations, painful backstories and characters yelling at each other. I’m talking to you, Donna and Rachel. Your bathroom conversation was difficult to watch. It makes me scared for the future. What it all adds up to, however, is great drama.

Ever since the Season 4 finale, I’ve been wondering who was responsible for drawing this attention to Mike and Pearson Specter Litt. I even asked Suits creator Aaron Korsh all about it a couple of weeks ago at an event. Let me refresh your memories. He said, “It’s probably going to be a little surprise to most people but, hopefully, it will make sense and we’ve explained it and it’s satisfying.”

Tonight, Suits revealed the person whodunit: Sheila Sazs, the Harvard employee who knows that university better than anyone. She’s also former fiancée to Louis Litt. Poor Louis.

Sheila was definitely on my long list of potential outers. But I didn’t have much of a reason for why she’d do it. And what happened was all very innocent. The anonymous email she sent only listed Mike Ross as a potential fraud. She wasn’t a hundred percent sure. She wasn’t out for blood. She knows what she knows. And Mike Ross didn’t seem familiar to her after reading about him in an article praising his meteoric rise at Pearson Specter Litt.

A simple feature that focused on Mike is what did him in. That’s actually pretty genius considering the s–t show that it’s turned into and it’s only episode 12 of Season 5.

Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network

In “Live to Fight,” Anita Gibbs dragged Donna in for what should have been questioning but was actually a way to get to Harvey and Jessica. Gibbs tries to use a shady real estate deal Mr. Paulson was involved in seven years ago to get Donna to talk. She doesn’t turn against Harvey, charges against her father materialize. She does? They disappear. In the process, we find out some of Donna’s backstory. Donna’s dad is not a very good businessman. He lost all their money when she was a teen and they had to move from a big, beautiful house with a piano (that Donna plays) into a small apartment in Connecticut.

As an adult, he thinks he’s got a sure thing. And, of course, Harvey knows he doesn’t. In more flashbacks, he works his Harvey magic (re: aggressive tactics) to prevent Donna from turning over her 401K to her father, which “forces” him to rely on more “creative” ways to come up with the money.

When Harvey and Mike find out about the email, Harvey immediately thinks it’s Henry Gerard (Stephen Macht, real life father of Gabriel). Once Louis gets a hold of the anonymous correspondence he quickly realizes it’s the work of his ex. If they could have left well enough alone, they’d be in a better place. But that’s not their MO. Their MO is to confront and do whatever they can to make this mess go away.

So Louis goes to see Sheila. He acts like she did this on purpose. As if it was a calculated move. She just thought she was doing her job. She thought she was protecting Harvard’s good name. But she was embarrassed that this happened on her watch so that’s why she signed the email Sincerely, A. Nonymous.

The scene takes a turn once she realizes Louis has known about this Mike situation and it’s like she doesn’t even know him anymore. She can’t understand why he would think she’d stay quiet about this. Or would even lie and say that Mike was a student.

Sheila: When we broke up, I forced myself to accept it because, ultimately, I knew we wanted different things. But it killed me because I also knew we were soulmates. But the fact that you’re asking me to do this? We are not soulmates.

What’s ironic is that the email is all she was going to do. After Louis asks her not to come forward, she says she was never going to do that. So Louis goes back home thinking that at least they have that. He’s shown his loyalty to his law firm. And it’s come at a huge cost. She will never look at him the same again. There’s no hope of them ever getting back together.

Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network

Thing get worse at the end of the episode when Gibbs walks into PSL asking for all their files. Sheila has come forward. They should have let sleeping dogs lie. They poked the bear. That bear is awake and it’s hungry.

And just think. This wouldn’t have happened if Gretchen hadn’t tried to go above and beyond for Harvey. When Jack Soloff nominated Mike for junior partner, Harvey was hurt that he wasn’t the one to do it. And so she got the ABA Journal to write an article about Mike. It was a surprise that completely and utterly bit them on their collective butts. However, Gretchen’s a great ally. She’s smart, fierce, badass, crafty and can get things done. Much like Donna. So, hopefully, she’ll stick around and even though she unknowingly tipped Sheila Sazs off, she can more than make up for what she did.

So who outed Mike? Sheila Sazs with a side of Gretchen. But it wasn’t originally engineered as some big sort of vendetta against Harvey and Jessica like it usually is. It was all very innocent. Now it’s all messy and things are spiraling. I’m a little scared to see what happens next.

Suits airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on USA Network.

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