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Dallas Season 2 Finale: Who Killed J.R.? [SPOILER] Did + Favorite Quotes 

Photo Credit: TNT

[Warning: Massive spoilers from the Dallas season finale]

OK so many thoughts about the two-hour Dallas finale. First of all, what excellent episodes. So many twists and turns and ups and downs and things getting oh so clear then getting messy again. All of it was kind of exhausting…in a good way. Thoughts:

  • Is Pamela the next Sue Ellen? I’m hoping being married to John Ross isn’t going to drive her to drink. These two are my end game. But life in Dallas often turns on a dime. I saw this love between the newbie husband and wife and then…he’s still sleeping with Emma.
  • In my preview, I raved about Julie Gonzalo and Josh Henderson. But I’m going to have to say that I want to also rave about Emma Bell. As Emma, she can do the bad girl thing so incredibly well. Harris didn’t even know what hit him.
  • Speaking of which, it was great how the entire Ewing clan worked together to bring down Cliff and Harris. Those two villains both ended up in jail — one American the other a Mexican prison. JR must have been looking down (or is it up) from wherever he is and had to have been cackling over his whole family doing whatever they could to bring the Ewing haters down. They were all exhibiting J.R. tendencies. This was all a case of who could out-villain the other. Apparently, the Ewings can when they really put their minds to it.
  • OMG. I love them having J.R. end his life on his own terms. He had been dying of cancer. Why not use this as an opportunity to set a plan in motion and that would ultimately frame Cliff Barnes for his murder? Who Killed J.R.? J.R. did. OK, technically, it was his friend Bum but he only did so on his orders. Wow. Wow. Wow.
  • The show took the opportunity to instantly make Elena more interesting. Sure, she and Christopher aren’t together right now but she learned that J.R. stole her father’s (oil-producing) land right out from under him and gave him the barren land. I don’t know who this Joaquin guy is but I can’t wait to find out. The Ewings may need to be scared. And how great is it that even from a Mexican jail, Cliff can still be as much of a pain in the ass as ever. I wonder who the show is going to get to play Joaquin?
  • Classic Pam (as opposed to Current Pam) is gone. She apparently died from pancreatic cancer. I guess that means we’re never going to get Victoria Principal on this show. Boo.
  • I must say, I enjoyed almost every aspect of this finale including the job that Jesse Metcalfe did.
  • I’m OK if Drew Ramos never returns but he probably has the perfect opportunity to join Elena wherever she is. I think we’re looking at a Ramos Revegenda next season.
  • Just as Pamela is softening, Elena is hardening. Interesting twist.
  • I loved Sue Ellen confronting the governor. And Patrick Duffy killed the scene out by J.R.’s grave where he revealed his older brother’s master plan to Christopher and John Ross.
  • I wonder if Steven Weber will return in season 3. I’m assuming there is a season 3 but I’m cool with that.
  • How can JR be such an awful person and people still find a way to love him?
  • I love the sound of Ewing Global.
  • Pamela questioning Roy Vickers was a good scene. He admitted that Cliff knew there were people on that rig when the bomb exploded. That Cliff knew she was on the rig. Barnes could be languishing in an American prison just as easily but he isn’t.
  • Next season is going to look hella different from this season which was way different from what we got last season. These writers/producers are great at that.

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from Dallas “Guilt by Association” and “Legacies”

Writer (“Guilt by Association”): Taylor Hamra
Writers (“Legacies”): Cynthia Cidre and Robert Rovner

Photo Credit: TNT

Sue Ellen: “Just a little something I learned from J.R. If you can’t count on someone to do the right thing. Don’t give them the choice.”

John Ross: Well, if I can’t put him in jail. I’ll put him in the ground.”

Christopher (to Elena): “You know something? After all Pamela’s lies, her betrayal, you were the one person I thought I could trust. Always. Well, I guess I was wrong.”

Christopher (to Elena): “There’s nothing left to talk about! Except when I get back here, you better be gone.”

Governor McConaughey: “Ken should’ve known better than to ever trust you. You can never trust a drunk.”
Sue Ellen: “That’s right. And I have been a drunk most of my life. I used alcohol to allow myself to do things I could never do. So…like lie and get taken advantage of by men like you. But today, I don’t need a drink. This drink, governor, is for you. You’re going to need it. Because now that I have the goods on you, you’re going to do what I want. So, let’s discuss eminent domain.”

John Ross: “Hey, you ok?”
Pamela: “I was just thinking how screwed up everything is. I married you. I love you. And now I worry that every time you look at me you’re connecting me to what my father did.”

John Ross: “You are not responsible for anything he did. And it doesn’t change the way I feel about you.”

Pamela: “You want me to frame my father?”
John Ross: “For something that he did.”

John Ross: “You and I…we both deserve justice.”

John Ross: “Not too shabby for Digger Barnes.”

Pamela: “Oh my God.”
John Ross: “What is it?”
Pamela: “It’s Pam Ewing’s death certificate. Christopher’s mother is dead.”

Pamela: “Please. Just tell me it was unintentional and I’ll go.”
Roy: “Have other children. Forget your father. There was nothing unintentional about it.”

Sue Ellen: “You’re married?”
John Ross: “Surprise…”
Sue Ellen: “You should have told me. I should have been there to witness my only son…and my new daughter.”
John Ross: “You okay with this Christopher?”
Christopher: “At least there’s one good thing to come out of all this. Congratulations.”

Pamela: “That’s my father’s gun.”
Bobby: “That’s the gun that killed my brother.”

Christopher: “You know the one thing I thought we had between us…was trust. How do I ever trust you again, Elena?”

Cliff: “What have you done, Pamela?”

Bobby: “I’ve waited for this moment for a long time, Cliff.”
Cliff: “What moment would that be?”
Bobby: “The moment our feud is over.”

Christopher: “Well, why don’t you welcome me to the board, Uncle Cliff? Because I’m now 1/3 owner of Barnes Global.”
John Ross: “And so am I…along with your daughter.”
Pamela: “John Ross and I are married. With our combined shares, you are now the minority shareholder in your own company.”
Sue Ellen: “Which gives our family control of Barnes Global and Ewing Energies, again.”
Cliff: “Oh, Pamela. You have just made the most grievous error of your young life.”

Cliff: “What the hell is going on?”

Sue Ellen: “You are under arrest, Cliff. J.R.’s body was exhumed in Dallas. Two slugs were found in his chest cavity which match a gun registered to you.”

Cliff: “I didn’t kill J.R! I didn’t kill J.R.! I didn’t kill, J.R.! I didn’t kill J.R.! I did not kill J.R.!

Cliff: “I have never done anything that the Ewings asked me to do and I’m not gonna start today.”

Cliff: “Who killed J.R.?” Bobby: “You’ll never know, Cliff.”

Photo Credit: TNT

Bobby: “Thank you, J.R., for taking care of all of us. Even from the great beyond.”

Bobby (reading J.R.’s letter to John Ross and Christopher): “‘And talk to Bum. He’s the final and most important piece to the puzzle and the best friend that I didn’t deserve to have.’”

Christopher (reading J.R.’s letter out loud): “‘I can never make up for all the terrible hurtful things I did to you, Bobby. And I have no excuses either one of us would believe. But I hope in the quiet place in your heart where the truth lives, that my jealousy — as powerful as it was — was nothing compared to my love for you. Goodbye, baby brother.’”

John Ross: “I’m sorry. I…uh…I’m confused. Who shot my father, Uncle Bobby?”
Bum: “I shot your father, John Ross. He only had a few days left and he asked me to do it. He said that’s the way it had to be. It’s the hardest thing I ever had to do. Please believe that J.R.’s last act was an act of love for his family. And for you.”

John: “The only person who could take down J.R…was J.R.”

John Ross: “Thank you, daddy, for watching over us. I love you.”

Emma: “This has nothing to do with the Ewings. This is me.”
Harris: “This isn’t my Emma. This isn’t the girl I raised.”
Emma: “It is. Because I’m exactly my father’s daughter.”
Harris: “Oh, Annie. I bet you’re enjoying this.”
Ann: “Actually, I’m not Harris. Because I’m not a sick sadistic prick like you are.”

Cliff (to Elena): “You can be my proxy for the third of Barnes Global that I still own. Make the Ewings pay for their sins against your family.”

John Ross: “To the shrewdest oilman who ever lived. May all who enter Ewing Global feel your gaze and remember that…you never go against a Ewing.”
Sue Ellen: “No truer words, John Ross.”

Bobby: “So, how’d it go with Emma and Harris?”
Ann: “I think Emma’s going to be OK. And Harris — he looked like someone who could use a hug.”

Ann: “You’re still the best man I know.”
Bobby: “You need to get out more.”

Sue Ellen: “Now, you be nice to that bride of yours. Treat her right. It’s not easy being a Ewing bride in this family.”
John Ross: “What do you take me for, Mama? A scoundrel?”

Emma: “That look’s gonna cost you.”
John Ross: “Darlin’, trust me, I’m willing to pay the price…just…don’t tell my wife.”

So many great lines from both episodes. Hopefully, TNT will renew Dallas sooner rather than later.

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