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Supernatural “Slumber Party” 

Slumber Party
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Black and white MOL flashbacks. Hunter Dorothy. A wicked not so misunderstood witch. A yellow brick road. All elements of what can only be a Charlie-centric episode of Supernatural.


Yes, Felicia Day is back and so is one of my favorite recurring characters on this show. I just love Charlie’s relationship with the boys, especially Dean. Felicia and Jensen have this great connection. I don’t know how to explain it.


However, the way Charlie cares about both Sam and Dean is so joyous to watch. I always feel like they need more of that in their lives. Couple that with the fact the entire episode takes place in the awesomely cool Men of Letters bunker and you can consider me a happy camper. It’s about time we saw more of that place. Isn’t that garage amazing?


Sam thinks there’s a way they can help Cas avoid the fallen angels. After all, their friend is out there facing danger when he should be with them living it up MOL-style. His plan involves developing some sort of way to track the fallen angels.


The Winchesters are in desperate need of some IT support because at their disposal is a super duper old computer. Enter Charlie. And Dorothy, too, since in trying to figure things out himself, Dean inadvertently knocks over a jar that has some sort of magical gunk that ends up freeing Dorothy and the Wicked Witch. She’s intent on bringing her Oz armies into this dimension to wreak havoc. Seventy-five years earlier, Dorothy binded herself to the witch in order to get rid of her. There was no other way because she couldn’t figure out how to kill the evil bitch. I mean witch. No, I mean bitch.


What ensues is a fun adventure that satiates Charlie’s need for a quest but also happens to kill her in the process. She takes a “bullet” meant for Dean and dies. So Dean has to resort to drastic and desperate measures to save Charlie. And that’s when he gets sloppy. He calls out for Zeke when Sam’s still present. In a flash, Zeke surfaces and tells Dean that while he’s he’s barely at half-strength, taking care of the witch or resurrecting Charlie is going to slow down the process. Either way it’s going to take a toll but it has to be one or the other. Which means Zeke’s presence will last longer than they both had hoped. Dean makes the decision to save Charlie.


Right now Dean’s able to get around Sam’s question about why he called out for someone named Zeke. But for how much longer? I have to say hearing Dean have to lie all the time is getting old. And so is Sam getting knocked out. I just want some movement in this story already. Charlie knows she died. Dorothy informs her that her dream of Christmas and her parents still being alive was really heaven. That she’s not a hunter if she doesn’t die and get resurrected at least once. So Charlie confronts Dean about it. She wants to know the truth but she remains blissfully unaware…for now.


I say blissfully because Charlie ends up going off to Oz with Dorothy on a whole new adventure. Charlie’s life really is turning out to be like the books she’s read, the video games she’s played and the Live Action Role Playing  games she’s often been a part of. Right now she’s a friend to Dorothy. Will she and Dorothy ever become more? I think the potential is there. Charlie does have a way with women. And I know she just took off for Oz but we better see Charlie at least one more time this season. Just saying.


More Thoughts on “Slumber Party”


-Confession time: Wizard of Oz has never been my favorite story/movie. I don’t know why. But when everyone would gather in front of the TV to watch it every year when I was a kid, I would make up some reason not to join in. However, I did adore Wicked the Broadway musical. And wouldn’t you know it, I adore the Dorothy we met in “Slumber Party,” too.


-Hunter Dorothy is strong, capable, smart and a bit guarded. She seems like she stepped out of a classic movie. And I actually love the spin that writer Robbie Thompson put on her story. That she’s L. Frank Baum’s daughter (who was also a Man of Letters) and like almost everyone else on this show, she has daddy issues.


-Also, Dorothy did have the Wizard of Oz adventure but in her story, she met up with three freedom fighters the witch turned into the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. And in “real life” Dorothy actually died in Oz but came back. She became a hunter when the witch came to her world. It was all very clever. Dorothy is badass in this episode. And I know I use that term a lot when describing characters in the Supernatural realm, but it’s true.

Slumber Party
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Tiio Horn does an excellent job of bringing this version of Dorothy alive. Horn is no stranger to genre shows having starred on Defiance and Netflix’s Hemlock Grove. She was also on an episode of Alphas.


-Did HBO’s Game of Thrones pay for the references? I love that they actually watched season one of the show in Sam’s sparse room. Speaking of which…


-Sam’s pretty adamant that the MOL residence is not really a residence. That’s it’s just a place of work. When is he going to realize that home is wherever he and Dean are? I hope he finally comes to that conclusion this season. He’s so caught up on the traditional meaning of home and how he never knew that as a child. He tried it with Jessica — and to a certain extent Amelia — and it never ended well. But home is what you make of it. Sam needs to learn that. Although, do you think Sam’s last line of the episode: “There’s no place like home” means he’s actually starting to believe it? Or was it just a cheesy good way to get one more Oz reference in?


-So we still have no idea whether or not Dean told Cas the truth about Sam. Boo. We do know that Dean’s lie to explain Cas’ absence is that Cas didn’t want to bring trouble down on them so he left. Double boo. How many mores lies is Dean going to have to tell?


-Also getting old is Crowley shackled in the dark room. However, Mark Sheppard continues to be awesome. The way he delivers lines (and whistles “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”) is genius.


-Dean’s facial expressions in this episode are classic.


-Nice job of incorporating the flashbacks.


-Yay to Charlie making poppy bullets. And being able to kill the Wicked Witch with the magical red ruby slippers.


-Dean’s concern for Charlie is awesome — she’s really a part of their family.


-The witch possessing or whatever she did to Sam and Dean — was all pretty silly. Even under the influence, they mostly took it easy on the girls. And lol at their Batman voices.


-How great is the use of the AC/DC song “For Those About to Rock” serenading Dorothy and Charlie as they head off to Oz on the yellow brick road? Supernatural and classic rock: a winning combination. More, please.


Supernatural airs Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8c.


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  1. Amyj

    The thing with Sam and home is that for 22 years via John and Dean Home was the ideal that John at least was fighting to return to. Kill the demon and we can return to that home. Dean had idealized his 4 years with noraml John adn Mary 9safety, comfort and love) for so long that no wonder Sam is searching for that for himself.

    I think the writers keep going to the edge of something great with Sam and the idea of hiome but they never go further…never get to the meat of his desires. They always stop short.

    As for Charlie and Sams talk about quest…again the writers stopping short. Sam tells Charlie quests suck. Sam should have continued with why they suck. YOu (general and personal) die. You have to watch your loved ones die and often (unless you are dean) you have no power to stop it. Chalrie lives in an idealized, rose colored life….she hasn’t been tripped by deep loss due to hunting. It takes a deep toll on you.

    As for Charlie leaving for oz…plot devise. If she stayed she would demand answers form Dean and he would have to tell her about Zeke. Adn I’d hope Charlie has enough respect for Sam to argue Sam deserves the truth adn it should come from Dean.

    As it is….with Dean using Zeke to save somemone every epsiode, Zeke will never leave Sam. I’m beyond over the possession storyline and the lies. By now Sam should be thinking he’s a liability to Dean what with him beleiviing he;s getting knocked unconcious every week…not to mention the memory loss.

    I agree also…Crowly being locked in the MOL (which seems to be growing ast an exponetial rate). What happened to Crowly having to deal with the after affects of the trial?

    1. Tina Charles

      Love your comment. And thanks for reading. Yeah, Charlie going to Oz is a plot device. As much as she loves Dean, she sticks around she’d tells him the truth or she would make him tell Sam the truth. And they don’t want this to happen yet. I don’t like the writers putting Dean in this situation yet again. And I’m pretty sure this whole thing is going to drag on for a while.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  2. Teri

    I’m so glad to find I can still read your Supernatural recaps, Tina!

    I also love it when Charlie comes to visit. She is one of my favorite recurring characters. And Charlie and Dorothy together are a great team. I hope we see at least Charlie, if not both of them again this season.

    Like many others, I’m already over the angel possession storyline. It’s just kind of “eh” to me. I’m glad that Sam is (hopefully) getting better, but I’d much rather see Zeke is his meat suit and as a separate character that way.

    Again, I’m glad to find your recaps here, Tina! I’ll be checking in here each week. 🙂

    1. Tina Charles

      So glad you found me here! And thanks for commenting!

      Yeah, I also much rather see Zeke in Tahmoh Penikett’s meat suit. I love the actor so much. It was like when they had Sam be Lucifer. I wanted to see Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer more. lol

      I want Sam to get better sooner rather than later. And I want Dean to have to stop lying all the time.

      And you’re right both Charlie and Dorothy were great in this episode.

      And definitely keep checking back.


      1. Teri

        Yes! I hadn’t even thought of the Sam/Lucifer situation. It seems like that was forever ago now. lol Although, I am still intrigued that Jared can make himself seem even taller than normal when he switches to Zeke. (And, I can’t get over how much I love the angel wings when they’re shown.)

        One last comment, as you stated, Dean’s facial expressions were awesome. I can’t wait for next week’s because I know there will be some great ones in there too!

        1. Tina Charles

          Jared’s doing a good job with the transitioning into Zeke. I just wish the show would stop casting actors I want to see all the time. Like Mark and Tahmoh. I definitely want to see Tahmoh again. LOL

      2. Teri

        I lied, this is the last comment, I promise. 🙂

        RE: Mark Pellegrino, so glad to see him on The Tomorrow People now. CW has a way of holding on to some of the great ones!

        1. Tina Charles

          I am loving Mark Pellegrino on The Tomorrow People as well. Although I would like them to start delving into his character some more. Right now Jedikiah is still a bit one-dimensional. But I have faith that they’ll flesh the character out as the show continues. Did you see this week’s episode? I wrote about that too. It was soooo good, don’t you think? Here it is:


          1. Teri

            I just got caught up on The Tomorrow People tonight! I will check out your article on it! It was very good! I like when back stories are shown in a new show. Both Cara and John’s have been intriguing. Plus tonight Jason Dohring made a guest appearance (I loved him in Moonlight). I agree, I think there is way more to Uncle Jed than we’re seeing now and hope to see more in the future.

  3. Susan Thompson

    Glad I found you here, Tina! I had huge reservations about this episode. I thought it could be cartoony and stupid having to do with the Wizard of Oz. But they handled it wonderfully, setting it entirely in the bunker and not in Oz at all. It was so clever how they used the classic book to tell the “real” story.

    I am a Charlie fan so am always delighted to see her.

    Loved Sam giving Crowley the paper and crayon. And Crowley being a WW fan, and whistling “Over the Rainbow” and talking about Miss “Defying Gravity”, :).

    I don’t have a problem with Dean lying to Sam. It was the only way to save his life. I approve.

    Love how Jared is able to portray Zeke as a completely different character. I just wish I could trust him.

    How many times is Sam going to be able to get knocked out before suffering irreversible brain damage??

    Loved Dean being all incredulous that Sam would read the books when he could just watch.

    Loved seeing more of the bunker! That is one awesome garage. I want that classic Tbird!

    1. Tina Charles

      Thanks for commenting and reading! And the knocking out of Sam needs to stop. I understand it. But I don’t like it. Jared’s definitely doing a good job being Zeke. But I have to say, I don’t want him to have to be both for too long. It takes Sam out of the action too much. Plus, I really want to see Tahmoh Penikett again.

      I also want to see even more of the bunker. This was definitely an entertaining case.


  4. Susy

    This is the first episode to take place entirely in the bunker. And I did find it rather homey with the three watching TV in Sam’s room, drinking beer, and eating munchies. How normal, for a change. Naturally, that didn’t last too long but it was great while it lasted. I want more of it.

    1. Tina Charles

      I really loved that too. We finally got to see Sam’s room. Loved that they were watching Game of Thrones. It was pretty awesome just getting to see them be normal for even two minutes or less. I would also love to see a tiny bit more of that.

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Heidi Kasun

    When the MOL garage appeared, Los Angeles trembled as Jay Leno sat up, twirked an eyebrow, and called his agent demanding to know where this place was.

    1. Tina Charles


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