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[SPOILER] is The Benefactor, Teen Wolf “Perishable” 

Photo Credit: Jaimie Trueblood/MTV
Photo Credit: Jaimie Trueblood/MTV

Well, Scott and Kira were half right. We assumed that Lydia’s grandmother Lorraine faked her death and was the Banshee calling the shots, but she wasn’t. It was Meredith. I don’t know about you, but I don’t love this reveal. I guess if we examine the “evidence” it kind of makes sense? Lorraine experimented on Meredith and drove her crazy. Lydia (and gang) kept pushing her to help them and thought they’d driven her to suicide. But is that enough for Meredith to turn on her fellow supernaturals and want them all dead? Again, I need Jeff Davis to start doing some explaining.

But there was some great stuff in the episode that I really enjoyed. Although we’re not really any closer to knowing what Parrish is, we do learn that he’s impervious to fire. I will admit that the opening scene of the episode – Haigh trying to burn Parrish alive – was very upsetting. I should’ve known he wasn’t going to die, but I did think he’d be seriously wounded. So, kudos to the show’s writers/producers for that great fake out. And now Parrish knows that Lydia’s way more than psychic.

We also learn that the Sheriff can’t pay his bills. We already knew that the McCalls were struggling, but we didn’t know that Stiles and his dad were in the same boat. Scott still has the bag of money hidden under his bed though. He counts it, which is a bit OCD and then puts it back under the bed. Was he just making sure it was all there? Was he wondering how much it could pay down the McCall’s debt? It’ll be interesting to see what he eventually does with it.

And now that the dead pool seems to be printing from every printer connected to a power source, all the supernaturals in Beacon Hills should be scared because it’s more than just professional assassins who are coming after them. Haigh is a deputy and convinced other deputies to take out Scott, Malia and Liam (who is now worth a cool $18 million, while Derek’s completely off the list). But Liam’s friend Mason stops the music at the bonfire and Scott is able to stop the deputy who was about to light Scott, Malia and Liam on fire. But who else is going to come after them and how will they continue to protect themselves? Even without his sight, strength and healing they know they can still count on Derek.

The final dead pool list:
Tamra Johansen
Alice Duffy
Paula Brasch
Trey Lockhart
Josh Morris
Elsa Chin
Peter McElroy
Taylor Freeman
Terrance Shuman
Lorraine Martin

I knew something was off with this list because there were no dollar amounts next to the names. After Lydia and Stiles break the code using “Ariel,” a nickname The Little Mermaid obsessed young Lydia loved, we find out why. Every single person on the list died by suicide at Eichen House and it was Brunski who killed them. Just before he dies – shot by Parrish, who was an awesome badass in this episode, by the way – he tells them he wasn’t controlling Meredith; she was controlling him.

My favorite line:
Derek: “Banshees don’t predict danger. They predict death.”

Random demand:
Where the hell is Danny? His absence is beyond suspicious and I need some answers!

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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  1. I

    Ok, so, according to this episode, Peter’s not the Benefactor. But to me, there are a lot of things that didn’t add up. And, while Meredith proclaimed herself the Baddie, I still don’t think she’s working by herself (besides the now dead Brunski).

    Jeff Davis said it all went back to Season 1. I rewatched it and nothing about this episode connected to it. Guess there are more pieces to the puzzle. In the mean time here are more questions:

    Why is Derek’s name off the list? Is it because whatever Kate did is slowly killing him; or is it because what she did is making him human and not supernatural?

    Why is Liam’s price tag so much higher now? Does it have to do with Derek being off the list, or no longer a Beta?

    Where did Peter get the $$ to pay for Malia’s adoption records?

    Now to obsess again until Sunday.

    1. Joe E Dangerously

      Peter got the cash from the Hale fortune. He’s known about Malia since last season, before he was robbed.

      And yeah, they’ll explain how it links back next episode most likely and if not it will be in the last two. That was a promise that was made so they’ll follow through. Supposedly it has something to do with the Hale fire. Presumably it will explain how they knew about the Hales, the Triskeleon, and the bonds. But don’t worry. The explanations are coming soon. Just stay tuned. Three episodes left.

      1. I

        I thought that all the Hale fortune was stolen when whoever took the bonds, took them. And Peter knew he had a daughter, but didn’t know who it was, because when he was pressuring Lydia about it Alison stopped him and they left the loft.

        1. I

          Could Peter had unwittingly been the real benefactor all along???

  2. TV Goodness

    Really great questions. I don’t see how this connects back to S1 either, but I guess (hope) more will be revealed next week. I don’t know why I’m so disappointed that it’s Meredith, but I really am. I REALLY am. But I’m willing to be convinced, I guess. It had better be really good though.

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