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Kara’s Top 3 Summer Shows: #1 MTV’s Awkward 

Photo Credit: MTV

One of the biggest and best surprises of the summer is Awkward. I love the show for so many reasons but I want it to be more than 30 minutes. It’s a good problem to have considering some of the drek that was on TV this summer. Awkward has a great balance of humor, melodrama, the absurd, and heartfelt emotion. It’s got a great villain, an interesting love triangle, and one of the best heroines I’ve seen in a long time.Jenna is one of those girls who think she wants to blend in but she can’t help but be herself, which tends to make her stick out. She’s got her two best friends who understand – dare I say “complete her” - and a group of mean girls at school she tries to avoid. She’s deeply in like with Matty, but Jake has got a thing for her big time. What makes it a great triangle is Jenna has more in common with Jake. They talk. Obviously the sex with Matty is good, but where’s the emotional connection? I think (I hope) we’re getting there.

Jenna’s parents are very different than you might imagine. Her mom is trying to relive her high school glory days through Jenna and her dad just wants to stay out of it. He will come through for her in a pinch though. I do think Jenna’s mom is trying to be a good mom, but is actually acting like more of a friend. A friend who doesn’t listen and doesn’t know what Jenna likes, but still.

The queen bee of the mean girls, Sadie, can be so horrid. It took me a few episodes to stop hating her but now I think everything she does it kind of genius. And if Jenna didn’t have someone like Sadie in her life, I’m not sure she’s be as awesome. With Sadie there to undermine and sabotage her at every turn, Jenna just keeps outsmarting her at every turn. For every horrible thing Sadie does, Jenna shows how she can rise above it. And although Jenna’s on the outs with Tamara right now, I think they’re on the road to mending their fractured friendship. Perhaps the next time Tamara feels like she needs to tell Jenna some harsh truths, she’s do it to her face. I’d also love to see a little more of Ming. When those three girls are together it’s just great.

Now that we’re speeding towards the finale I’d love to see a few things:

1. Matty tell (not show) Jenna he likes her.

2. Jenna discover she’s got some feelings for Jake.

3. Jenna have a true moment of understanding with Sadie.

4. Jenna’s mom needs to acknowledge that she actually understands her kid.

I’m not saying I need to see these things but they would just heighten an aleady great season. Oh, and if any of your friends haven’t discovered the amazing awesomeness of this show, you need help them get with the program. Like now.

As Sadie so often says, “You’re welcome.”

Awkward airs on MTV Tuesdays at 11:30/10:30 c.

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