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Louis Realizes the Truth, Suits “This is Rome” 

Photo Credit: Nigel Parry/USA Network
Photo Credit: Nigel Parry/USA Network

WARNING: Spoilers for the Suits summer finale

That was intense. So incredibly intense. The summer finale for USA Network’s Suits didn’t quite have the ending that I thought it would. I didn’t realize the entire hour would completely center on Louis and his plight. This is what you call drama with a capital “D.” “This is Rome” gave Louis a chance to go on the offense. And, boy, did he.

For much of the episode, Louis was down and out big time. He didn’t just lose his job and subsequently his family. He went after Sheila and that didn’t work out either. Harvey tried to help him out. Mike tried to help him out. Katrina did help him out and it royally backfired on her. He kept ending up on the outside looking in.

And, in the end, it became all about Mike and his fraudulent ways once again. And all because he had no idea what that damned key was. Somebody who graduated from Harvard Magna Cum Laude wouldn’t just know what that key was. They would actually have one of those keys in his or her possession.

I kind of love that it was something so simple that tripped Mike up. Mike knows everything about everything. So the fact that it was something that minute that outed him was beautiful but scary at the same time.

And I don’t blame Louis for being angry. Threatening to have Jessica arrested and in handcuffs? I didn’t think he’d go there. I thought he’d blackmail her into giving him his job back. But he didn’t just do that. He asked for what he requested earlier in the season and was denied. He wanted Pearson Specter to become Pearson Specter Litt. As the post-finale promo said, “Pearson Specter gets Litt up.”

But Louis has to feel so utterly insulted that Jessica and Harvey would let Mike into their world. And be so accepting of him (well, Harvey was anyway). Meanwhile, he always felt like he was a second class citizen at the firm. Not someone who got to hang with the cool kids. And that he wasn’t good enough to have his name on the door. The raw anger he exhibited towards Jessica was understandable but still a tiny bit shocking to me. He’s always held back that side when it came to Jessica. There was definitely no holding back here.

The anger he spewed all over Donna was more than shocking. I get that he felt betrayed but it was still difficult to watch. Donna has been his friend. I’m not going to say her intentions were always so pure, but this season? They reached a new level in their relationship. They were truly, genuinely, friends. I hope he remembers that someday.

Yes, Louis made big mistakes but Jessica wouldn’t let him keep his job. She kept Harvey whom we know has made mistakes. And she kept Mike even knowing what he was. And she wouldn’t even budge on letting Louis walk with clients. She was hardcore when it came to cutting Louis some slack. She wouldn’t do it. She’s always been tougher on Louis.

However, Jessica was right when she said she knew having Mike around was going to blow up in her face one day. And it did. However, I don’t know how she does it. She’s so damn fierce at all times. She told Louis that she wasn’t going to squirm. And she certainly wasn’t going to apologize. Now I’m wondering how she’s going to react to his blackmailing her.

Kudos to Rick Hoffman, once again. I called him my season four MVP so far and he proved me right in “This is Rome.” Louis’ emotional journey was fascinating to watch. And I felt every bit of it because of the way Hoffman played it. I’m actually scared of what’s to come when the show returns with new episodes.

I’m glad the Mike / Rachel business and everything else was on the backburner. I much prefer when family dynamics are shifted or messed with or explored. Louis had to find out the truth about Mike sooner or later. And to know that everyone including Donna knew is a big blow to his ego, I’m sure. They hid it from him. Which makes him the outsider even more. And to know they trust Mike so much when there is always some sort of doubt where he’s concerned has to be awful to realize as well. Oh, this was a fascinating development, that’s for sure.

I find myself wishing the rest of the summer and all of fall away. Suits returns in the winter with new episodes. Boo, winter. Boo. See you then.

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