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Dexter Says Goodbye to Deb, Dexter “Remember the Monsters?” 

Photo Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime
Photo Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime

Jennifer Carpenter made no secret of how she thought her character should end the series: dead. And it’s fitting that Dexter is the one to end her life. Even though Dexter thought he was turning over a new leaf by letting the law deal with Oliver Saxon, it comes back to cost him everything in the end. Not only does Saxon shoot Deb, but Dexter misses his chance to leave with Hannah and Harrison because of him. So much for a new life, right? But I think Dexter ended up exactly where he should be – away from the people he loves so he can’t destroy them. 

It looked like Deb was in the clear after her surgery. The doctor gave Deb a good enough prognosis that Dexter felt he could leave (well, Deb kind of forced him to). Of course Elway was at the airport to put a stop to that plan. And it’s a good thing too, because Saxon was planning to kill Deb. Dexter got back to the hospital just as Saxon was making his move, but Batista was there to arrest him. After Deb had a stroke that all but guaranteed she’d be living the rest of her life in a vegetative state Dexter knew what he had to do. Even though the state of Florida could’ve taken care of his Saxon problem, he wasn’t about to let that happen. He went to the jail under the guise of doing a test on Saxon’s gunshot wound. He told Saxon he was going to kill him and made it look like it was self-defense. Dexter is nothing if not smart, but it’s only because of his personal relationship with Batista and Quinn that they let him walk out of there.

After that, Dexter knew he had to say goodbye to his sister. She would never want to live that way and because Dexter was responsible for doing this to her he had to be responsible for undoing it. I think it is so fitting that he took her body out to sea and disposed of it the way he disposes of all his victims. Usually his victims are in pieces and wrapped in black garbage bags, but obviously his sister deserved a much more honorable send off. He did kill her – or she was killed as the result of his actions – and I think Deb would have appreciated this gesture on some level. I think he made a pretty brave decision to “kill” himself. He knew if he went to Hannah and Harrison he’d screw that up somehow. So he decided it was time to live a quiet life, away from that much human interaction. I wonder if he’ll ever need the code again, ever feel the need to kill. Is it weird to hope a serial killer finds some happiness? Because I do.

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