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The Returned “Simon” 

Photo Credit: Jean Claude Lother
Photo Credit: Jean Claude Lother

While the series premiere of this show was a bit of a slow burn – which I enjoyed, thank you very much – there’s a lot going on in “Simon.” We learn that Simon has returned after ten years of being “dead” and that he has a bit of a temper. It’s unclear whether he was hotheaded before or if this is a new development. Simon was supposed to get married to Adele on the day he died. His ex-fiancee still hasn’t gotten over his death, which is why she freaks out the first time she sees him. In fact, Adele’s “seen” him before but not for a few years. After reluctantly confiding in her priest, who tells her Simon’s a ghost and that she should make peace with him, Adele tries to do just that. And it works. She’s happier and when Thomas comes home, she tells him she’s picked the songs for the ceremony. Will Thomas tell Adele Simon is really back? Does he think she can handle that? And what about Adele and Simon’s kid? When and how will they tell her? When will we find out how Simon died? Simon’s in custody now for assaulting that diner worker, but Thomas has every right to be concerned that’s he’s back at all.

The Other Returnees

Lena is having trouble with Camille. She claims not to be afraid of her, but Lena also doesn’t want to interact. And even though Camille looks like her sister, Lena isn’t completely convinced it’s her. Maybe she’s a clone or an impostor. Either way, it’s freaky. And even though she can see that Camille is right there, Lena tells her father that Camille is dead. Pierre – the “doctor” – returns, but Camille isn’t having it. She wants to know if she’s some kind of zombie or something. He tells Camille she’s not the first; this has happened before. When Claire is distracted by saying goodbye to Pierre, Camille sneaks away. She goes to the Lake Pub, but she knows she can’t go in. When one of her old friends tries to talk to her, Camille runs away. He didn’t recognize her anyway. Later that night Lena tells Camille she met someone like Camille. Someone else who’s dead.

Toni is brought in for questioning after Lucy is found alive. Her attacker stabbed her 17 times and tried to eat her liver. She’s alive, but in critical condition. This MO matches an attack from seven years ago, where Toni was the prime suspect. Even though he has no alibi for the time of Lucy’s attack they let him go. When he turns up at his family’s cabin he can see someone has broken in. He’s clearly spooked but he’s even more surprised after the wolf that had just been hanging on the meat hook – dead – comes back to life. He kills it and is digging a grave to bury it when his brother appears. Surprised, he hits him with the shovel. It turns out his brother and their mother died in an accident three years ago.

Victor – who’s mute, at least for now – is still a bit of puzzle. He obviously isn’t saying anything so Julie threatens to go to the police station. Once there, she realize no one’s looking for him. After acting very erratic, one of the cops persuades her to file a report, which may be used later as evidence. And although she claims she can’t take care of him, Julie changes her mind.

Other Questions:

  • What was Mr. Costa’s wife doing in that diner? Why was she just watching Simon attack that guy?
  • What did Lena do to provoke her father to hit her in the past?
  • Why did Camille trash Lena’s room and then deny even being in there?
  • What does it mean that the level of the lake is going down? Why are the engineers so concerned and why do they want to keep it quiet?
  • Why was Toni a suspect in that attack seven years ago and how was he cleared?
  • What are those scars on Julie’s abdomen? Was she attacked by the same guy who attacked Lucy?
  • Why is Ms. Payet so nosy?

Like Camille, I wonder if anything can really happen to the returnees since they’re already dead. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

The Returned airs Thursdays at 9/8c on the Sundance Channel.

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