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Nashville Conversations: Juliette Figures It Out “You’re No Angel Yourself” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Bob D'Amico
Photo Credit: ABC/Bob D’Amico

Tandy turns over damning evidence against her father to the Attorney General. Maddie runs away after she discovers Teddy and Peggy’s engagement. Deacon goes on a date with the lawyer who cleared his name. Gunnar tells Will he can’t record the song he performed at the showcase. A lot happened in this episode, but I have to admit the only storyline that really drew me in was Juliette’s. I will never get tired of her struggle – her struggle against being selfish, her struggle to be a better person.

Juliette: “I’m saying that I don’t want to do these overproduced numbers. I’ve moved past this.”
Glenn: “You’re 24 years old.”
Juliette: “Yes, I am 24 years old. I am not a tween. I’ve never been tween, not the way that I was raised. I can’t keep putting myself out there like this. This is my chance to move forward. And that’s what I’m gonna do.”
Glenn: “Well then you better get used to cut-downs.”
Juliette: “I’m not playing to half an arena and I’m not getting used to anything. Figure something else out.”

Rayna’s canceled the tour and Juliette is screwed. Her new record isn’t appealing to her tween base, so she’s getting a lot of pressure from Edgehill. But she refuses to take a step back and I have to admire her for that. I love that she realizes she doesn’t want to go back to the music she used to sing or the person she used to be. There’s a ray of hope when Glenn tells her Luke Wheeler (Will Chase, who we’ll get to meet on the show next week) has just signed with Edgehill. Apparently he’s the biggest star in country right now. Juliette would love to co-headline with him, but Glenn quickly dismisses that idea.

Juliette: “Your mama cares a lot about your feelings. I’m sure she’ll talk to you about it. She quit the tour yesterday ’cause she wants to be there for you. She told me herself that you girls mean more to her than anything in this world. More than money, more than fans, more than me being really, really pissed off at her. Right now I bet she’s going crazy not knowing where you are, that you’re ok.
Maddie: “You’re gonna call her, aren’t you?”
Juliette: “Yes.”

I love that Juliette seems surprised with herself for making that decision. She’s the original wild child. No one can rival Juliette when it comes to childish behavior (although Maddie was certainly giving her a run for her money). It’s huge that she can actually see past her own feelings about Rayna pulling out of the tour and recognize that Rayna does need to be there for her kids, especially Maddie right now. I feel like Juliette is slowly (oh, so slowly) maturing into this interesting, not-quite-whole-but-getting-there person. I just love the woman she’s becoming and I can’t wait to see more.

Rayna: “I’m really sorry to drag you into all this.”
Juliette: “I told her she could call me if she ever needed to talk. I think the person she really wants to talk to is you though. About her father…Deacon. Don’t worry. My lips are sealed.”
Rayna: “This has all been real hard on her. None of this has been what I would’ve wanted or what I would’ve planned.”
Juliette: “I guess at some point it’s not about what you want anymore. You just gotta do what you gotta do.”

Juliette can be a surprisingly good person…sometimes. I love that she was there for Maddie when Maddie really needed someone. And I’m glad she still has enough respect for Deacon that she won’t tell anyone he’s Maddie’s father. Even though her professional life is falling apart, it’s nice that she’s not torching all of her personal relationships as well. Well, she still has some apologizing to do to Avery, but I wouldn’t mind watching him be down on his luck for a little bit longer.

Glenn: “I gotta tell you. I’m a little surprised you’re doing this.”
Juliette: “Well, you made my options perfectly clear and since they all suck I may as well make the one that makes the most business sense.”

If she’s nothing else, Juliette is a savvy businesswoman. Even though she sees the upside to this situation, she’s got to be questioning her decision almost immediately. I mean who would’ve thought Juliette would ever go on tour with Layla Grant? But it’s such a smart decision. Edgehill will be thrilled and she’ll earn some much-needed goodwill with Jeff Fordham. She compromised, but she’s getting to stay true to herself by promoting her new sound. I like that she refuses to go back. I think that shows us just how far she’s come.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.


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