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Dark Matter “Give It Up, Princess” 

Dark Matter “Give It Up, Princess”
Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Dark Matter Series 3 Inc./Syfy
Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Dark Matter Series 3 Inc./Syfy

On Syfy’s Dark Matter, Tabor’s disappeared but he’s here in spirit because his name comes up a lot during an hour that covers a lot of ground.

There’s the main mission of tracking down Tabor’s important data file that contains coordinates to a Ferrous Corp shipyard where they’re building a whole new fleet (re: Project Phoenix). Securing these coordinates could prove very important to this corporate war. To have the ability to hit Ferrous where it hurts is key. Unfortunately, after all is said and done, the shipyard is empty.

Ryo tries to navigate the turbulent waters of leading his people. He has an angel on his shoulder in the form of Teku. And then there’s the devil on his shoulder, a perfect description for Misaki. Should Ishida rule with a gentle touch or with an iron fist? He’s been teetering back and forth for awhile now. In this episode, he makes his definitive choice. He chooses to be a dick-tator. Emphasis on dick.

We see Human!Android again. She relies on her upgrade to help save the day — twice — and in the last location she even offers the upgrade to a security Android. We don’t see the very robotic machine make his choice because Three takes care of it first. I do think this was an interesting route to take. HumAndroid tried to negotiate with her counterpart. It didn’t seem to go for it. If given enough time could she have changed the android’s mind?

The newbies to the crew step up even more with Solara dropping knowledge about her early history and Adrian driving the episode. We see he has a bit of a crush on Tabor’s girlfriend, Ambrosia. We also see him want to step up and take care of his own self. Of course, he finds himself in predicament after predicament. But when it counts, he doesn’t let his feelings get in the way. Ambrosia’s bad news with a capital “B” and he makes the wise deduction that she has the decryption program. Score one for Adrian.

“Give it Up, Princess” was an informational episode. We learned some truths…

Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Dark Matter Series 3 Inc./Syfy

Five isn’t just a badass in the brain department. She’s also a bit of a badass in the brawn department, too. Okay, we’ve known this for awhile now, but this point is seriously reinforced. She lays Solara out at the beginning of the episode and shocks the hell out of the bodyguard. Five contributed her considerable martial arts fabulousness to Four. Solara says she can help train her from here on out if she wants. Five is quickly becoming the whole package, which makes her so very essential to the team. Practically irreplaceable.

Solara’s backstory is tragic and painful. She tells Five she was “a Prioress under the seventh order of Chandarith. Under the protection of the Abbot of Daro.” Basically she grew up in a monastery where monks taught her martial arts as a form of meditation. At the same time, they made a vow to never use their talents in self-defense or to hurt anyone else. The status quo remained just that until one day Solara came back from her pilgrimage to find bandits stole some valuable manuscripts and killed everyone she knew. This caused her to break her vow. She tracked those bandits down and avenged the deaths of her friends/family. She slit their throats. You can tell that she’s anguished because even today she’s going against everything she was ever taught. But she also knows that to survive in this world you have to be able to defend yourself and maybe even go on the offense. Loved hearing Solara’s story.

Simple missions are never simple. Sorry, Adrian. The search for a little itty bitty data file (and its corresponding decryption program) turns out to be much more complicated…and dangerous, of course. One location is in shambles. Adrian and Five are arrested in another. Then Adrian, Two and Solara are trapped in a force field by some security Android Tabor put in place. The Raza Crew has to be thankful for Android who saves the day @ locations two and three, with an assist by Three.

Ryo is increasingly becoming out of control. Four’s judgment is so incredibly clouded right now. A choice he has to make is whether to listen to Teku or Misaki. Win the people over peacefully? Or make them fear you? In the end, he chooses to go with the woman who killed Nyx. At this point, he’s ordering executions and not caring whether or not the people he’s having killed are innocent or guilty. He’s making examples out of them. Boo. Ryo is a bad guy. It’s awesome when you look back and see what Four was like on the Raza and then think of what he is now with his memories. As much as I’d rather see him a good guy it’s much cooler to see what he’s become.

HumAndroid’s heels are super fierce. I know we got a sneak peek of HumAndroid in last week’s devastating glimpse into the future. In this week’s episode, we got so much more of her. She donned a fancy dress and super high heels in order to break Adrian and Five out of the cell. Those heels didn’t stop her from kicking some ass. Once again Zoie Palmer is able to show restraint as Android one minute and then lets loose as some southern-type socialite the next. How fun and challenging is her job?

Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Dark Matter Series 3 Inc./Syfy

Five is all of us missing Six and wanting him back on the Raza. That phone call between Five and Six was good and bad in my book. It was good because I love that there’s someone on the ship not forgetting Six’s existence. Bad in the sense that Five really wants Six back on the ship and he tells her that “there’s a difference between being wanted and being needed.” So that means he ain’t coming back any time soon. I get where he’s coming from, however. He thinks he doesn’t fill a specific role on the ship. He’s not the smart one. He’s not the most badass with weapons or fighting. He’s not the de facto leader either. But I think he underestimates himself. He’s the heart of that ship. And the conscience. He’s not just wanted, he’s needed. Hope he learns that sooner rather than later.

Tabor has a girlfriend and she’s really, truly, spectacularly untrustworthy. Wow. That Ambrosia was something else. She pretends to be the damsel in distress in order to get Adrian to bring the data file to Goren. Instead, she’s actually in cahoots with Goren. In reality, she is only in it for herself. With Tabor gone, she saw her chance to steal her own piece of the pie. So she kills Goren the brute. And she turns her back on Adrian. On top of that she was fooling Tabor this whole time. Part of me kind of wants to pay mad respect to her because she’s a woman who has goals. Unfortunately, she wants to accomplish said goals in all the wrong ways. So she deserved to get left behind as far as I’m concerned. It’s pretty awesome how Adrian realizes Tabor gave Ambrosia the decryption program. It’s in a charm around her neck and now it’s the Raza’s property. Go Adrian.

After all these truths (and some lies = Ambrosia), I do have one question that the show introduced into the mix. Who is Agent Zero? Ferrous Commander Nieman talks about how the war is going according to plan and it’s projected that the corporate enemies will be defeated in six months. But there’s a problem. The independent colonies are starting to get too strong. They’re organizing faster than anticipated. They’ve been getting outside help (read: SIX). They’re going to have to deal with this now. Nieman wants to take out those indie colonies. He says there’s no choice. “It’s time to use Agent Zero.”

Um, excuse me? Who’s Agent Zero? Is Six Agent Zero and he doesn’t know it? Because right now he’s successfully made himself integral to the progress of these independent colonies. Could he be this Agent Zero and not know it? Oh man, this show has a way of unloading these mysteries all over the place.

Random Notes

Quote of the Week:
HumAndroid: “I don’t date guys whose asses I’ve kicked”

-Call me paranoid but I wouldn’t put it past Misaki to have engineered that poisonous assassination attempt against Ishida. She happened to be in the right place to stop it. And now the Zairon ruler is subscribing to her violent and unforgiving ways.

-I do feel like Adrian is proving he’s a bit more loyal, dependable and less backstabby than Tabor. Hope he doesn’t prove me wrong.

-Guest Star Goodness: The actor who played Goren was Michael Bisping. He just happens to be the UFC Middleweight Champion. Now that I know this info, I can totally see him being an MMA fighter.

-The conversation where Five kept saying “seriously” = hilarious

-I like that Solara attempted to smile, but she doesn’t have to smile if she doesn’t want to. I like her all serious.

-I also like how Solara got the “Give it Up, Princess” line which ended up the title of the episode.

Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Dark Matter Series 3 Inc./Syfy

-It’s so funny how Three is adamant that it’s not their job to go around the galaxy rescuing people. That’s exactly what they’ve been doing. Sorry, Three.

I do want to ask Adrian why it wasn’t okay to shoot Ambrosia. They could have shot her and have snagged her necklace anyway. #justsaying

Another really good episode. Dark Matter airs Friday nights at 9/8c on Syfy.

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