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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from The Vampire Diaries “The Walking Dead” 

Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/The CW

Episode: “The Walking Dead”
Writers: Brian Young & Caroline Dries

Elena: “Stefan, you’re the one who told me to channel all my emotions into one, single feeling.” Stefan: “I realize that. I just figured it would be love, or hope or compassion. Not unwavering hatred for a ruthless vampire that’s 500 years older than you.”

Elena: “You don’t think I can kill Katherine?” Stefan: “I don’t think you really want to.” Elena: “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I just want to feel the warmth of her chest cavity as I rip out her heart then watch her face as she realizes I took it from her. Nah, I just want to kill her. It’s that simple.”

Katherine (to a meditating Bonnie): “Could you be any creepier?”

Katherine (to Bonnie): “That still doesn’t explain why you made me trudge through mud in $500 boots.

Damon: “You just missed the donuts.” Stefan: “Yeah, I was with Elena burning off a few thousand hate-filled calories. What happened to you helping me?” Damon: “Help? Yes. Prolonging the inevitable? Waste of my time.” Stefan: “You’re avoiding. How unexpected.” Damon: “I’m not avoiding. Elena’s only goal is to end Katherine’s life. That’s not gonna just magically disappear with pilates and a juice cleanse.”

Sheriff Forbes: “You think it’s Silas?” Damon: “Or a doctor with some very questionable bedside manners.”

Katherine: “Ugh, that old Lockwood cellar reeks of wet dog. I’ll be staying up here.”

Katherine (to Bonnie): “You realize I’m not just some wandering child in a supermarket, right? I’m a vampire…that can kill you.”

Rebekah (to Elena): “Drink. You’re putting everyone on edge.”

Damon: “Looks like Bonnie Bennett has a new doppleganger friend.”

Alaric (to Damon): “Need a hand?”

Damon: “So this is either really good or really bad.” Alaric: “It’s good to see you, too, Damon.”

Alaric: “You think I’m Silas? Are you kidding me?” Damon: “Uhh, see, now this puts us in a bit of a pickle, because that is exactly what Silas would say.”

Alaric: Not everyone has a reason to come back to Mystic Falls. Just the ones like me, looking out for their idiot best friends.”

Kol: “Greetings from the dead. So, who fancies a drink?”

Rebekah: “I thought I’d never see you again.” Kol: “Spare me the waterworks, sister. I’ve already watched you grieve. Lasted a full 24 hours, remember?”

Kol: “I see you finally got the quarterback to pay attention to you. How’s the throwing arm, champ?”

Katherine: “Thanks for the save, handsome.”

Rebekah: “Why won’t you ever let me help you?” Matt: “It’s not you. It’s…look, people in this town have a bad habit of turning into vampires. And I’d like to graduate high school as a human.”

Stefan: “You are a vampire, Elena. Loss is part of the deal.”

Elena (after punching Stefan): “Just like the cinder block. Nothing.”

Matt (on phone to Damon): “Kol came by looking for Elena. Seemed a little pissed.” Damon: “You got any good news for me, Donovan?”

Caroline: “Bitch!” Rebekah: “There is the Caroline I know and loathe.”

Kol (to Elena): “Hello, old friend. Pity about your brother. Guess it’s just me against you, now.”

Bonnie: “I don’t know how to put him down.” Grams: “You can do that. Expression is the manifestation of your will. You can do anything. I don’t like it but sometimes there are no choices. But you are strong enough. You can do this.”

Silas!Alaric: “Did you find Silas?” Damon: “Yup.” (he punches Silas)

Damon: “Your mind games don’t work on me, Silas.”

Bonnie: “He can’t hide behind his mind control anymore. He’s becoming his true self.” Damon: “Who exactly might his true self be?” Bonnie: “I guess we’ll never know.”

Kol (kicking the s–t out of Elena): “This is what I’ve missed. Two people connecting.”

Jeremy: “How many times do I need to kill you?” Kol: “Jeremy Gilbert. Welcome back. Now what’s the saying? Kill me once, shame on you. Kill me twice, shame on–” (Stefan gets rid of Kol) Stefan: Let’s leave it at that, shall we?”

Jeremy (to Elena): “Hey.”

Bonnie: “We need to get rid of Silas’ body.” Damon: “Well, there’s a slight problem, Medusa. Even though you turned him into stone, if he gets one more drop of blood, he’s back to his old mind tricks.”

Jeremy: “Thank you, Bonnie.”

Stefan (to Elena): “Welcome back.”

Stefan (to Caroline): “There was someone that I thought I would see today and uh…I didn’t. That’s all.” Lexi: “You better mean me.” Stefan: “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Lexi (to Caroline): “Thank you for keeping an eye on this one.”

Alaric (to a drinking Damon): “Can’t think of a more appropriate way to spend my last moment as a semi-living person.”

Damon: “Oh, I’m sorry. You have someplace better to be?” Alaric: “Guess not.” Damon: “Thought you were cutting back.” Alaric: “Yeah, well, I thought you were gonna take care of the children?” Damon: “You heard that? That’s not creepy.”

Damon (holding up the cure): “What the hell am I supposed to do with this?” Alaric: “Get the girl.”

Lexi: “She punched you in the face? Stefan: “Yup.” Lexi: “Take a hint.” Stefan: “So…you’ve been back, what, five minutes, and already you’re laughing at me?” Lexi: “No, I’ve been laughing at you for awhile you just haven’t been able to see me.” Stefan: “Do you have any idea how much I miss you?” Lexi: “Trust me. I do. Although I see I’ve been replaced by another blonde.” Stefan: “What’d you give me that look for?” Lexi: “She’s cute.” Stefan: “Do not. Start.”

Matt: “In case Caroline didn’t thank you for pulling her out of that hallucination earlier…thanks.” Rebekah: “I’m just glad I got the chance to knock her upside the face.”

Bonnie: “Oh my God…I’m dead.”

The Vampire Diaries season four finale airs May 16 @ 8/7c on the CW.

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