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The Vampire Diaries “The Walking Dead” 

Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/The CW
Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/The CW


Ahem. First, TPTB figured out that the big reveal is even bigger when you keep folks out of the credits. BRAVO! And we had some lovely, lovely walkabouts from many familiar and beloved faces that were a genuine surprise in “The Walking Dead.” Oh, and Bonnie might be donezo, but you know, in Mystic Falls, dead is relative.

First up, Elena is working out to “Sail” (which has been on Houston radio for at least a year but suddenly seems to be all over TV this spring) and getting pointers from Stefan on positively refocusing her Katherine rage. Meanwhile Bonnie’s in bed with Elena’s target and hilariously has her literally witch leashed while she finds the perfect spot below the high school to drop the he veil.

Liz brings in Stefan and Damon to find out what’s up with someone bypassing the empty blood bank to drain patients at the hospital.  They assume Silas so they give her all the gory. Caroline is playing nice with Elena and channeling her inner senior to address graduation invites while Elena has exactly one to address. Rebekah is keeping Matt company at the Grill and then a storm sets in.

Liz triangulates the situation, and the Salvatores realize it’s Bonnie, so they and Elena and Caroline head toward the school. Damon tries to talk Elena out of revenge because the rush of emotions that will follow it won’t be pretty, but she stakes him and speeds out of there after Katherine. Bonnie drops the veil and Alaric (!!! ) shows up to unstake Damon, who doubts him for Silas and Alaric proves himself with a locker stash of booze and they make out (not really, but I would have been OK with that).

Elena finds Katherine and starts to put her down and Stefan arrives in time to realize that will also nuke Bonnie because they’re linked, so he interrupts and Elena is livid. She goes out into the woods and stops at Jeremy’s grave and then Kol shows up to finish her (after he stops by the Grill to taunt Rebekah and hurt Matt (BOOO)). Elena tells him to go ahead and kill her but Stefan intervenes and then Jeremy (!!!) shows up. Elena hugs him and cries and I’ll admit I teared up, too.

Back at the Grill, Rebekah finds Caroline locked in a cooler repeatedly cutting her wrists at Silas’s bidding and has to bitchslap her out of it and Matt calls Damon to tell him their Caroline isn’t Caroline. But then “an” Alaric and “a” Caroline and “a” Stefan bombard Bonnie. And then finally Grams (!!!) shows up and tells her once and for all that if she can think it, she can do it with expression so she petrifies Silas.

Then she stops by the cemetery to tell Elena and Jeremy she doesn’t know how much time they’ll have but she’ll give them as long as she can before she raises the veil. She and Jeremy hug and Jeremy thanks her. But it’s all a big fat lie because she goes right back into the tunnel to try to keep Jeremy on this side and Grams warns her off as the candle flames rise and she drops to the ground.

Damon and Alaric pop Silas into the trunk of Damon’s car and toast to their maybe last few BFF moments. Alaric confirms that he heard Damon in the graveyard (back in that awesome scene in “Memorial” at the beginning of the season) and Damon chuckles that no, that’s not at all creepy.

Back in town, Stefan sits down with Caroline and she’s remarkably chirpy, considering, but Stefan isn’t, so she calls him on it. He tells her he’s disappointed he didn’t get a visitor and then we hear Lexi (!!!) behind him telling him he better be talking about her. They hug and she thanks Caroline for keeping an eye on Stefan for her and Caroline gives her a happy nod. Once outside, Lexi essentially tells Stefan that his ship with Elena has likely sailed but Caroline’s cute (okay, then).

Also outside the Grill, Rebekah and Matt are calling it a night when Rebekah spies her not-dead hunter ex-boyfriend across the courtyard. He sees her, too, and races toward her and when they whip around to go back inside they find themselves face to face with Connor and Vaughn. Whoops.

Down in the tunnel, Bonnie wakes up and Grams tells her she’s sorry, it was too much and Bonnie doesn’t get it until she turns around and sees herself still on the ground. So, Bonnie might be dead, but we don’t know. And she might be dead and undead because the veil is still down. Like I said, death is relative in Mystic Falls.

The veil staying down also means we could keep Alaric, Lexi, and Jeremy (yay!) plus the hunters (boo!).

I loved the way they all sort of casually sauntered in. I was most thrilled to see Alaric because it’s been a while, and I still miss him and think the show needs him (and I’ll go on record that Matt Davis needs to be back here or on The Originals come fall). I love that Jeremy just comes back in with a crossbow as a travel accessory.  I don’t do spoilers so I don’t know if S5 casting has been announced in terms of who will be back, but I like the idea of keeping everybody in some kind of play. It’s an interesting prospect that they’re all freed of purgatory but stuck in Mystic Falls (Storybrooke, anyone?).

As for the events of the episode itself–Elena was able to refocus her Katherine hatred on closure with Jeremy, so that was a good thing, but I wish she’d had a full circle kind of conversation with Matt about her vampire birth and rebirth, if you will, and his hand in both. I liked that Caroline tried to goad an apology out of Elena and was plainly told she couldn’t go there. We know Caroline can’t let things go, so I’m sure that discussion will be revisited. That Silas was finally dispatched so simply and Quetsiyah’s strength may have been unnecessary all along was kind of a buzzkill, but I’m happy to lose the shapeshifting.

Next week’s season finale is all about graduation. Or is it? I can never tell with the previews. You can catch “The Walking Dead” now on the CW website, and “Graduation” Thursday at 8 pm/7c on the CW.

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