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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Lines from Modern Family “The Musical Man” 


Episode: “The Musical Man”

  • “Am I going to regret doing that?” “Did the Marlboro Man have any regrets?”
  • “Now all that driving around your mom does will serve a purpose.”
  • “Well, we took the scenic route but we ended up in the same place.”
  • “Sweetie, we did it. Our baby is average.” “Medium Five!!!”
  • “You see, he focused it by making it about the world.”
  • “I knew this would happen. Why do you have to throw a wet blanket on my dreams?” “I do not.” ” “You do it all the time. And you know what I end up with? Wet dreams. I heard it as soon as I said it. Just leave it alone.”
  • “Cam, it’s just that sometimes, you can be a little overenthusiastic.” “Is it really that big a deal that I want this to be the best show in the world!” “Well, as long as you heard me.”
  • “More toast, Manny?” (looking at his phone) “Why won’t you call me, Emma?” “More toast, Emma?” “Do you have to be on all the time?”
  • “It’s a clever way of saying my brother’s an ass.” “Is it?”
  • “I don’t understand this relationship, Emma.”
  • “You know who else missed soccer practice, Delroy? The cast of Rent. And now they have a Tony.” “We have a Tony.” (Tony raises his hand)
  • “Sweet Lorna Doone! Nineteen missed calls?”
  • “I think the carpet matches the drapes, I haven’t checked in a while.”
  • “I guess that makes sense if you’re planning to flip one.”
  • “Why don’t I call you back, we’ll set up an appointment. It’ll give me a chance to give them both a good scrubbing.”
  • “Pear, brie and jambon, my favorite!”
  • “Years from now some of these kids will be talking about the way I Sondheim-ized them.” “Oh I don’t think that’s the good way of saying…OK.”
  • “Has anyone here ever seen a globe?”
  • “We Love the F Word.” (the sign the kids held up at the play)
  • “It doesn’t matter. I’ll go home with anyone.” “That’s what it should say on the van.”
  • “I can feel my heart beat in my eyes.”

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