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Guest Star Goodness

Golden Boy “McKenzie on Fire” 

Photo Credit: Jeff Neira/CBS
Photo Credit: Jeff Neira/CBS

I don’t think I’ve fully appreciated Bonnie Somerville on this show until right now. She did a fantastic job in this episode and I hope we get another chance (maybe in season 2, assuming that’s happening…any comment, CBS?) to see another McKenzie-centric episode, where she gets to do some really meaty work. It was impressive here.

The Case

When Owen, Clark, Arroyo, and McKenzie catch this case, they have no idea where it will lead. One woman is dead and another is in the hospital recovering from her gunshot wound. The crime seems random, until it isn’t. Angie McGuire was targeted but why? Because Devlin Lehane assaulted her two years ago and she couldn’t keep quiet about it any longer. McKenzie makes Angie go back to the alley where it all happened to get at the truth. But it’s Clark who gets Angie to talk.

When it looks like Devlin’s hired hand Ronan Burke isn’t talking, Owen comes up with a plan. He tricks Devlin into thinking Burke gave him up so they can listen in on Burke trying to reassure Devlin that he didn’t. And that’s when they get a whole bunch of dirt on Devlin’s dirty deeds. Not only do the cops find a lot of incriminating evidence in Devlin’s safe at the bar, but they use his own words against him to make their case. And the cops wouldn’t have gotten any of it without Owen on the case. So McKenzie gets some justice for her brother Patrick and Angie gets justice for both herself and her sister.

Even though Owen claims he’s looking forward to spending time at a retirement community in Boca, he also admits to enjoying the effect he’s having on his colleagues. McKenzie and Clark respect him. His slow and steady approach helped them catch a really bad guy and put him behind bars. And that means something, that counts for something.

Photo Credit: Jeff Neira/CBS
Photo Credit: Jeff Neira/CBS

McKenzie and Clark

I love that it was Clark who pulled McKenzie back from the void. I am disappointed that she thought she could get away with murder, even though Devlin is a piece of trash in human form. I know she and her family suffered, but she’s usually a pretty by-the-book person. I know this case was hitting too close to home for her to be truly objective, but I still didn’t think she’d take it that far. I guess we’ll never know if she really would’ve pulled that trigger or not. I’m just glad someone was there to prevent it from happening regardless.

Photo Credit: Jeff Neira/CBS
Photo Credit: Jeff Neira/CBS

McKenzie and Arroyo

McKenzie has to remind Arroyo that they’re taking it easy after she finds a gift from him on her desk. He assures her it’s just a peace offering, but his continued pressure forces McKenzie to warn him to back off. Because of this case her emotions are all over the place; while he thinks she’s comforting her he’s actually crowding her. As the case progresses, it’s nice to see that Arroyo has the ability to listen to his partner and back off. But if he cares about her as much as he seems to, he should’ve known she was going to try something drastic. Instead, it’s Owen who sees the signs and send Clark after McKenzie for her own good. And when McKenzie breaks things off with Arroyo for good? I don’t know about you but I’m glad their affair is over. Arroyo looks like he might take this breakup pretty hard, but I’ve always found their relationship sordid. I guess McKenzie needed someone and Arroyo was convenient. But I really am glad she came to her senses. We’ll see whether or not their partnership suffers.

Guest Star Goodness

You may remember John Finn‘s Ed McKenzie from his days as John Stillman on Cold Case. More recently he’s been on NCIS, Blue Bloods, Suits and Homeland. I always get excited when I see him on my TV screen because I know he’ll bring so much heart or intensity to his role. And I was not disappointed here. It’s nice to be reminded that McKenzie (or any of these cops) has a life outside of work. And to know that she’s so invested in her family is comforting, especially since things between her and Arroyo seem to be over. I mean, I’m sure she has other interests but it’s nice to know her family will be there for her if she needs them.


Maybe it’s not entirely realistic for Patrick’s case to be solved this quickly.  So many murders go cold or unsolved for years or decades or more. I guess it helps to have a number of cops investigating a murder, but New York is a big place with a lot of crime. Is the type of shell casing really so rare that McKenzie has only seen it one other time? Would McKenzie really put her entire career – and her life – in jeopardy to get revenge (or does she call it justice) for her brother’s murder? Even though these are “big” questions I’m asking, they feel small to me because I enjoyed the episode and the performances so much.

Golden Boy airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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