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Falling Skies Season Three Finale “Brazil” 

Photo Credit: TNT

[Warning: Spoilers for Falling Skies season three finale]

Season three of TNT’s Falling Skies is a thing of the past. The show’s returning next summer, which is great. Because there are definitely some things I can’t wait to see played out:

1. The Volm’s relationship with the humans — where does it go from here?

This season, I really liked how Tom and Cochise struck up a friendship. And I really wanted to believe that nothing would go wrong. But once the Volm helped save the humans from surefire doom, more problems came the humans way. Basically, the Volm dismissed the humans. They were like, ‘don’t worry your pretty little heads. We’re here now and we’ll take care of the Espheni. We’re just going to make sure you’re nice and safe (and interned) in Brazil. We’ll protect you while you’re down there so no harm comes to you. And while you’re free from danger, we’ll be kicking some Espheni ass.’

Needless to say, the humans didn’t take to the Volm’s plan too well. Tom, Weaver and everyone they were with aren’t built for standing on the sidelines. This is their planet. This is their fight. They are not willing to be carted away and packed off to Brazil while there’s work to be done. Cochise’s father learned a lesson about the human race. There’s no way he was going to permanently stop them from doing what they needed to do. In the end, Tom et. al. were free to do whatever they want, they just needed to do it away from Boston where the Volm set up camp.

Tom and Cochise leave things in a so-so place. They can’t wait to see each other again but when they do, what’s going to happen? How are they going to relate to each other? As friends? Or frenemies? Guess we’ll have to wait until next summer to find out.

2. Maggie and Hal’s relationship — it go boom in the finale. Will they be together in season four?

Photo Credit: James Dittiger/TNT

Over the course of the episode, we could definitely see how Maggie and Hal’s thought processes weren’t exactly jiving. He’s thinking about the end of the war and being able to settle down in a nice house where they can be normal and happy. Meanwhile, all Maggie’s thinking about is the fight. She’s not ready to give it up. It’s all she knows. So all was not well.

Then the group goes face-to-face with Karen and some Skitters. She feels that there’s no way the humans can trust the Volm anymore. And that there’s even more about the Volm that they aren’t even aware of. She talks about striking up some sort of alliance with Tom and the gang. And on good faith, she’s got a gift for them. Of course, a vengeful Tom isn’t going to wait around for Karen’s version of a gift. He shoots her down. And the group just  wail on her Skitter posse. They kind of (too) easily take her down, in my opinion.

But before Karen dies (I’m not sure if there should be quotes around “dies” or if Karen’s really gone), she has somewhat of a vulnerable moment with Hal. She holds her hand out for him and he kneels down and takes it. That’s when Maggie finishes Karen off. I’m totally OK with what Maggie did. I’m just not sure if Hal is going to be OK with it. And I surely don’t think Maggie’s cool with that one last “moment” Karen and Hal shared. Because later, when Hal tries to help her gather their things to continue their journey, she isn’t having it. She, very politely, suggests he go help someone else. This relationship is shaky at best. Maggie and Hal have been through a lot this season. I don’t know if their relationship is going to recover. It’ll be interesting to see what goes down next year.

3. Tom reunites with Anne…and a rapidly aging Lexie. How powerful will she be?

Photo Credit: TNT

So, of course Anne and Lexie are alive. Anne can’t really remember what happened to her while in Karen’s captive. So that’ll be interesting to find out in season four. I don’t know how long had transpired since Anne and her daughter had been kidnapped but Lexie has transitioned from creepy baby to super-powered (and still creepy) toddler. And on top of that all she has to do is stroke Lourdes a couple of times, and out come the eyebugs, which she quickly turns into ash. Lexie’s some sort of hybrid. Anne’s drinking the kool-aid where her daughter is concerned (and sleeping a lot). And Tom’s just…well, he’s just stunned speechless. When season four resumes, how old is Lexie going to be? How powerful is she going to be? How are Tom and Anne going to deal with this “special” daughter of theirs? Wow. I can’t wait to find out.

Falling Skies returns during the summer of 2014 on TNT.

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