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He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Demon Brother, Supernatural “Reichenbach” 

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Demon Brother, Supernatural “Reichenbach”
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

In “Reichenbach” Cole roughs up Sam but then takes a different tactic in his hunt for Dean. Cas and Hannah remain road buddies (although she so wants to be more). Cas is finally aware that Dean is a demon. Unfortunately, on his way to catch up with Sam, he hits a few roadblocks. Demon Dean…is angry, sarcastic and uncontrollable. He’s too much even for an evil King of Hell like Crowley. And what we’ve all been waiting for happens…Sam confronts his demon brother.

While I liked moments of Supernatural’s season 10 premiere, I like all of “Reichenbach.” In particular, the final 11 minutes of the episode are immensely watchable and re-watchable. Consider this portion my Moment of Goodness. All of it.

– Much love to the way a piano playing Dean seems angsty and conflicted as a demon. And then the moment’s over in a second. And love how he knows Sam’s in the room without having to look up. “Hiya, Sam.” By the way, so much win right here. Dark Angel. Supernatural. A Piano. This fandom rules.

-Why won’t Sam tell the story of who winged him? Inquiring minds want to know details.

-The Sam/Demon Dean convo is one of my favorite parts of this episode. Kudos to J2. That scene had to be fun to play.

-Love how determined Sam is. Love how much Demon Dean doesn’t even care.

Here’s one of the best exchanges:

Demon Dean: “Well, I’m not walking out that door with you. I’m just not. So what’re you going to do? You’re gonna kill me?”

Sam: “No.”

Demon Dean: “Why? You don’t know what I’ve done. I might have it coming.”

Sam: “I don’t care. Because you are my brother and I’ve come to take you home.”

Sam’s love for his brother shows so much right there. Meanwhile, Demon Dean’s laughter and sarcasm is brilliant.

Demon Dean: “You’re my brother and I’m here to take you home. God, what is this, a Lifetime movie, huh? With your puppy dog eyes? Thanks, Sammy. I needed that.”

-Where was that determination when Dean was in Purgatory? Could have used it back then but glad it’s here now. It makes it even that much sweeter.

-The Dean/Cole confrontation is almost as good. Once again, Sarcastic Demon Dean FTW.

Cole: “Remember me?”

Dean: “Yeah, you’re that guy from that thing.”

-I think it’s great that Cole has no effing clue what trouble he’s getting himself into. He’s in for a rude awakening. A rude, brutal and painful awakening. Demon Dean takes care of him easily. And then he shows his true colors to the guy after Cole slashes him in the face and the wound immediately heals. Out pops those black peepers. Now Cole is clued into more than he probably ever imagined.

-Thank you for The Princess Bride reference, Andrew Dabb. (“My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”)

-Cole unwittingly distracts DD long enough for Sam to get the upper hand (courtesy of the Holy Water). Before he takes his demonic bro back to the bunker, he gives Crowley his payment: the First Blade. Boo, Sam. Boo. That’s Dean’s weapon. He’s going to need it when the Mark starts making its presence known again.

-Crowley treats the end of his howl at the moon friendship with Dean as a bonafide break-up. “Lonely Girl” plays in the background and he stares wistfully at an old photo of the good old days.

Photo Credit: The CW
Image Credit: The CW

-By the way, please tell me there are outtakes of Dean and Crowley howlin’ it up on the gag reel. Or at the very least some flashbacks. Pretty please?

-On that note, I can’t wait to see flashbacks of Sam’s time without his brother. Just what did he do? How dark did he go? I need more Mystery Spot Sam in my life. I think everyone does, really.

-Cole would make a good hunter, don’t you think?

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

-The first Sam/Dean Impala conversation of Season X happens. Never thought it would go like this with Dean handcuffed in the back and Sam at the wheel.

-How did Jensen manage to pull off the “It’s just a car, Sam” line? It must have been difficult to make it seem like Dean doesn’t care about Baby. That’s how Sam really knows his brother has gone dark. So funny.

-Demon Dean explains to his little brother why letting Cole live is a fate worse than death. Sam wants so much to think DD has some good in him. He probably thinks otherwise when Demon Dean ends the episode saying this:

Demon Dean: “And what I’m gonna to do to you, Sammy. Well, that ain’t gonna be mercy, either.”

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

-All the karaoke-ing and Good Times Demon Dean we saw in “Black” gives way to a more chilling, menacing, dark and scary side in “Reichenbach.” I truly wish we could get even more of this Demon Dean before it’s over. I’m not ready to quit him. Jensen is killing it right now. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll be happy to get the brothers back and on the same page (or somewhere close to the same page). But I would like this story to go on longer. I’m going to have to savor whatever goes on in “Soul Survivor.”

Random Thoughts about the first 30 minutes of “Reichenbach”

Image Credit: The CW
Image Credit: The CW

-The 2003 Cole flashback – that seems like a younger Dean. And he was wearing the BDW leather jacket of joy that disappeared in real life. Did they find a duplicate jacket? Did they use a shot from back in the day? Anyone tweet the powers that be during the episode to ask?

-I mentioned this last season but does anyone want the show to bring back an adult (or more adult) Lucas or Michael from “Dead in the Water” or “Something Wicked?” Would love to see that in the tenth season. I would worship the show even more than I do now. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Jesse from “I Believe the Children Are Our Future” either. Still waiting around for that storyline resurrection.

-I sympathize with Cole but I hate that he calls Sam, “Sammy” and he keeps calling Dean, “Deano.”

-Love Sam trying to clue Cole into the existence of monsters. He does sound crazy. He thinks he can prove he’s telling the truth with Holy Water? What? How about BDW’s journal? Where’s that little gem?

-So thankful Cole’s torture methods involve punching and he never gets to anything (too much) worse. I couldn’t have handled that. Hasn’t Sam been through enough? He’s taken a beating the last couple of episodes. Not to mention being not right half of last season as well as the season before.

-Demon Dean in a strip club. Best part of this is the beat down he gives the security guy. When he’s in places like this, I think I’ll call him by his other nickname: “Porn Guy.”

-Demon Dean should have scared the ever living you-know-what out of those teens for calling him “Grandpa.” Just saying.

-It doesn’t matter what season it is, Mark Sheppard’s Crowley gets the best lines. THE BEST.

-OK, I don’t like the continued separation of Cas from anyone with the last name Winchester. It’s ridiculous at this point. I like Hannah. But, come on. We need Cas and the boys breathing the same space. I don’t like trumped up situations designed to keep characters separate and running the car off the side of the road is trumped up in my book. Even though I’m pretty sure their trying to go somewhere with Cas and Hannah. Will she ultimately sacrifice her grace for him? And when’s the Heaven storyline going to be over? I want Cas to have his own arc but I’m not interested in anything Heaven-related anymore. Having said that, the stuff with Cas/Hannah that happens in “Reichenbach” is infinitely better than the angel stuff that happened in “Black.” Ok, rant over.

Demon Dean to Crowley: “You want me to kill for you.” Even Crowley wants Dean to be his “blunt little instrument.” Good for DD on going his own road. I’m glad he kills that douchebag Lester. Even as a demon Dean has a code. Sort of. Of course, he does break Crowley’s soul-selling Honor Code in the process. That’s never good.

-Love the Franklin and Bash reference. Fun Fact: F&B’s Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Jensen share the same birthday, March 1. Love that the folks over at F&B acknowledged it:

-Sam and Stripper Club Security guy have matching arm injuries/slings. I dig their little exchange:

Security Guy: “That guy get to you, too?” Sam: “No. This is a…just a hunting accident.” Security Guy: “Damn.”

-Sleeping Cas = adorbs. As is Talking to Kids Cas. -Crowley listening to boring demon minion talk about conversion rates = hilarious. “Kill me.” -The Crowley/DD break up scene is so good. It’s frightening how Demon Dean can get so damn scary in the span of ten seconds. He literally pushes Crowley too far and now the King of Hell is done. Andrew Dabb’s dialogue in this episode is crackling good.

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW


Crowley: “It’s over. What can I say? The crazy ones…they’re good for a fling. But they’re not relationship material.” Dean: “Are you done?” Crowley: “We’re done. You know what, Dean? It’s not me. It’s you.”

Crowley is going to miss hanging and howling with DD. It’s the best relationship he’s ever had. -Fun Crowley to Sam line: “Hello, Bullwinkle. You miss me?” -Love Cas relishing that lying liar that lies (Metatron) being behind bars (It’s his “Happy Place.” Ha!). However, as much as I love me some Curtis Armstrong as the big guy, I really just want Cas to have his grace back sooner rather than later. Can we make this happen, please? Although I love this little Hannah/Metatron dialogue:

Hannah: “I’m here about Castiel.” Metatron: “Boo.”

Armstrong’s delivery of the dialogue is so good. He fits in with our favorite Supernatural actors who can do the same  (Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark S. etc…). And how about “Asstiel?” Hilarious. Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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