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Comic-Con 2014: FX’s Archer [VIDEO] 


Warning: Spoilers Ahead

I have never loved an animated show like I love Archer. Even though the characters are pretty horrible in general and also too each other, I find them all incredibly compelling. And this show is so consistently laugh-out-loud funny, that sometimes I have to Tivo back to hear a line I missed because I couldn’t hear it over the sound of my own cackling. Season 5 was a departure from the familiar world of espionage, but season 6 will see Archer and the gang return to a world they’re much more familiar with.

This year’s press room for Archer was a treasure trove of information. Barry is back as this the season 6 villain, Christian Slater also returns, we’ll meet Pam’s sister – played by the fabulous Allison Tolman, we’ll eventually find out which Kreiger survived and so much more. Welcome back to…wait for it, the danger zone.

Season 6 of Archer returns in Spring 2015.


Creator Adam Reed

Lana’s Aisha Tyler

Pam’s Amber Nash

Krieger’s Lucky Yates

Co-Executive Producer Casey Willis

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